Pirate Photo Cutout Boards

I love the idea of photo Cutout Boards at parties, and from the moment Oli suggested ‘Pirates’ as his theme for his 6th Birthday I knew we would most likely make him one for him and his friends to have fun with. And that they did, it was so much fun that we had kept it safe ready to be bought out in the future for general pirate fun, future pirate parties or maybe even a mermaid/under the sea themed party.


I doubted any possible painting/drawing skills I may have until it had finished, so pleased with what I achieved that I was patting myself on the back. I am not the biggest arts and crafts fan, but I have to admit to finding painting rather enjoyable and therapeutic.


It’s amazing what you can turn a large cardboard box into; this was leftover from the toddler’s Batmobile that he got for Christmas. I used acrylic paint so it would be enough to cover the prints all over the box.


The six-year-old was over the moon with it, and it has been well played with ever since the party. I expect we will find ourselves making more photo cutouts boards in the future. The photos of the children do look good on the thank you cards.