First Time Voting

Firstly read Sarah’s post ‘The One Where I don’t’ Know To Vote For’ because if I were to of picked a blog title for this post, then it would have been that one. I found myself nodding along to everything she said especially the part where she mentions she doesn’t know who she is voting for but she will be voting. I am in the same boat where I am not too sure who to vote for, but I know that I want to put my vote to good use.


Not only do I not know who to vote for but it is my first time voting as well, at 26 I have had the option once before to vote, but I didn’t in the chaos of moving and having a baby I will admit that voting was the last thing on my mind. This time around though it is the first thing on my mind, this general election is everywhere, in all the newspapers, tv and on social media. You just cannot escape it. It grinds my gears to see them all on tv waving to ‘people’ with ‘people’ waving flags while stood next to them, it just seems so fake and set up. And I know it is probably not what it seems that these people were indeed pre-selected and the guards are on, so they avoid confrontation. Watching the question times on TV you saw ‘people’ asking questions, but of course, these were pre-vetted, and I wonder if they knew what they were going to be asked in advance? I want to see the raw politics, behind the, make up artists and PR people.

Something seems to of gone wrong if I see all this and am asking questions about this before asking what they are going to be bringing to the table if I was to vote for them. It has clouded the real issues and not I am sat here trying to research who I should vote because from what I have seen so far none of my questions has been answered, not like I know what questions I should be asking. I pointed out to the husband that nothing would change for us no matter what party was in charge, I know one of them was wanting to change child benefit to just two children. I find this unfair but something that wouldn’t be life changing for us, just means we divide that money between the three bank accounts. I hate UKIP with a passion but who doesn’t? I refuse to acknowledge racists, and you can imagine my thoughts with regards to Nigel and his views on Breastfeeding.

From what I can research it seems that I am left wing which leaves me with Labour or the Green Party, but they’re views from both those parties which I do not agree with so where does that leave me? I keep seeing bits crop up about more childcare costs being covered and talks about getting women back into the workplace, but hang on what about the women who do not want to do that? Those of us who choose to stay at home because we want to look after the children and the house. What party serves the interests of a stay at home mum?

I am nervous; I have my slip ready but not sure what to expect, and I think this is why I have been so frightened of reading about politics all these years. It’s a mind buzz, and there is a lot to take in. We were never taught about politics at school, and my useless parents never mentioned the P word at home, I had no education in regards to politics, and I have spent these years trying to avoid it. I fear tonight might be a long night as I trawl through websites learning the ins and outs of it all and hopefully pick a party which I can stand up for. All I know right at this moment in time is that come tomorrow afternoon I will be walking into that polling station with the card in hand ready to do what women before me have died trying to do.