Trendy Tots Thursday

My favourite outfit of the week by far was this one; the sweater is from United Colours Of Benetton, leggings from M&S and top from H&M. I say H&M top, but it was a 6/9 months dress which we never got round to wearing (cheers weather) but can handily now be used as a top. We changed leggings to a pair of her Molo leggings as the M&S pair got dirty.


Babywearing for us means having a decent all in one and shoes, our Lilly & Sid all in one is by far our favourite, but I fear we are in our last month of wearing it. Shoes are our pink converses, something else which is in its last month of use.


Tina at Mothergeek tempted us into M&S clothing by sending me a link to a Hello Kitty set which of course I just had to buy for Charlotte, I could not just get the one outfit and ordered a few (lots) more bits which was free collection at our local store (get to buy cake at the same time!) This polar bear top is just too cute.