The Crying Spell

Right now we are in the middle of a crying spell. When this happens, I want to cry as well but I can’t, I have to pull out all the stops to try and calm Dylan down and find a way of stopping it. Only I cannot, and when this happens the only solution, we have found it sitting and riding it out with him. I would say it is unexplainable crying, but I am pretty sure it is noises what set him off, today it was Charlotte and her crying. I do not even think it was a proper cry because by the time I got to her all was well and we are getting more of this as she gets older and discovers the art of fake crying and finding her voice. Dylan went into instant meltdown mode, arms over head and became hysterical.

I am sat here writing this as my way of working through it, just a few minutes ago I wanted to leave him in his cot, but this is cruel. It would have been cruel and only would have made the both of us feel worse. I am not alone when I write these words when I talk about how moments like this are the hardest. I am meant to be building a tower of blocks with Oli, but I have to stop that, he is looking after his sister and playing the blocks with her. He is parenting her while I see to Dylan; I think he understands that Dylan just needs that extra bit of attention, but I do not think he fully understands to what extent is going on.

But do we know what is going on? We use Autism as our guide, our guide to finding resources to helping him. To chat with other parents who kids have ASD and to find comfort in not being alone with what is happening. I think this kind of behaviour is called stimming, words I am yet to learn but am experiencing. The unexplained giggling spells are much easier to deal with, fun even but these seem to be rare these days.

I wonder if a weighted blanket may help, Google chucks up expensive solutions so I may look into making my own. Who knows if this will help, but you will try anything to help your child.