Small Steps Amazing Achievements

I have not got round to writing about Dylan recently, and how we are getting on, I have half drafted blog posts about his paediatrician appointment, speech therapy and so much more but finding the time to finish them off is another story. I could finish one off now, but instead, I will tell you about his recent achievements which have made us smile.


Now you will know if Dylan does anything which is out of the ordinary for him because I will cry, if he says a word for the first time then I instantly burst into tears. Thankfully not so he will notice but oh how have I celebrating the small things. Today he said ‘sun’ for the first time thanks to some activities we have been given by the speech therapist and have been putting into place we saw him say this exact word after Daddy did. One of his repetitions is his jigsaw boards; he would sit for hours doing the same one over and over again. We have done many different games with these but this one is to hold up the piece by our eyes and say what it is, this encourages Dylan to give us eye contact and to see us speaking the word. Oh, how it made me burst with pride to see him copying his Daddy to say ‘sun’.

He also said the word ‘sheep’ during half term, he was sat on my lap as we were on a tractor on the way to a farm and chatting away to him and pointed out the sheep in the field and he just sneaked in the word ‘sheep’. It wasn’t the free cider samples that made that day it was my little boy saying sheep for the first time.


I also noticed him take notice of what some of his friends were doing today, we had some over to play, and one of the first things his friends did was to play with this vertical car track, and I saw him walk over to see what was going on. He also joined in at the table when we got some glitter pens out; we will ignore the fact he wanted to chew on the pens. He also sat at the table and ate some grapes, he didn’t want any of the pasta we were all eating, but it was nice to see him eating something other than crisp.

Saying the word ‘sun’ and eating a few grapes may seem like something minuscule to most people but to us this is huge. Go, Dylan!