Kinetic Sand Beach Box Set


We were sent the Kinetic Sand Beach Box Set by Toys R Us to review with the children. Now at first, I was not sure about the sand kit as it is not usually something I would set out to buy for them. If I wanted the kids to play with sand, then I would send them outside to the sandpit. But the kinetic sand is different to your ordinary play sand as this sand sticks to itself without the need for water meaning it is completely different and a much easier substance to play with.

Kinetic Sand Beach Box Set

This means that it is the ideal play sand kit for indoor use, I have found in our time of reviewing it that the kids have often left remains around the table or dropped it on the floor but with just using another bit of sand I can pick it up as a magnet would. Us busy mums do love our mess-free play toys at times. It is soft to the touch and moves freely through your hands as if it was liquid. Unlike substances such as playdoh, the kinetic sand does not dry out meaning it will last for a long time to come.

The children have had much fun with the sand, and all 3 of them have played it in their way. Our eldest Oli found the idea of actually making indoor sandcastles a novelty and even completed it with his very own homemade flag.


In the box, you will find four moulds as well a box for the sand. My only criticisms to this set are that it would have been handy if the box came with a lid to help store away the sand when not in use. I also think the front of the box is misleading when it comes to showing how much sand originally comes with it. You do have the option of buying more sand, and it comes in various colours.


The recommended age is 3+ but we supervised our one-year-old with some sand play, and she liked exploring it with her hands and discovering the moulds. I am sure it will not be long before she is moulding animals into the sand and making the castle-like her brother. It is nice to purchase something and watch all of your children get enjoyment out of it.


What was particularly pleasing for me and why I should have never turned my nose up at it was how Dylan with his special educational needs enjoyed it as sensory play. For him, it is often about the feel of items when it comes to toys so he can happily sit for ages handling it. That alone is worth us owning this kinetic sand kit.