Dreambaby Swing Closed Security Gate


When baby starts to move this usually means it is time for you to move into action and purchase that stair gate for any potential hazard that needs blocking off. Hazards could be anything from stairs, keeping separate from pets or stopping them from escaping from the room or entering another room. For us, we need stairgates for all those potential hazards, and we were pleased to be offered the Dreambaby® Swing Closed Security Gate especially as you can see from these photos that our current stairgate is falling apart.


Putting up the stairgate is a quick process which can easily be done by one person. To guide you along are some simple instructions in English but they also include a DVD to help you. There is no need for drills or screwdrivers as it is pressure mounted and can easily be fit to the wall using your two hands and no other materials. This is perfect if you are renting your home, needing to store away in between children or even taking on holiday with you. It comes in a choice of two colours white or black.


Our personal needs mean that we need that stairgate to keep the children and dog separated, so they have their own safe, separate living spaces. Dylan’s special needs mean that he has no sense of danger so needs to be kept away from the kitchen and the stairs but then this will apply to any typical toddler along with a crawling baby who is wanting to explore the house. Of course, now that Charlotte is on the move she wants to try the stairs and treat the dog as her very own pony so having the stairgate there in place keeps everyone happy and safe.

Dreambaby® Chelsea Swing Closed Security Gate

It is easy for us as adults to operate and open but hard enough to keep those little ones from doing so, it can also be opened with just one hand. One of my favourite aspects to this gate is the fact it closes behind you, and you do not need to shut it which is rather handy when you have one of the children in your arms, and you need one of them to stay in the room. When stairgates only open one way they can restrict you but you do not have this issue with the Dreambaby® stairgate as it opens in both directions.


We have used many different stairgates over the last five years since our eldest with the baby, and this is the first time we have come across and used the Dreambaby® one. Would it be one we would recommend? Oh without a doubt we would say to make this your first choice when choosing a baby gate. From it opening both ways, to shutting automatically behind you and being easy to open with just the one hand it makes this stairgate so much more user-friendly.