Disney Baby Minnie Talking Plush Review

Disney Baby Minnie Talking Plush

The children had the delight being sent the Baby Minnie soft toy from Clementoni to review. I can happily point out before going ahead with our review that this is exactly the kind of toy we would be happy to purchase ourselves from simply looking at the toy, reading the description and being such big Disney fans.

Safe to say from the moment I produced the box both baby and toddler were clutching it for cuddles. Baby Minnie is the perfect introduction to interactive toys for children six months onwards with the ability for it to grow with your child and their understanding.


There is so much more to Minnie aside from being a cuddly toy though. Pressing one of the five embroidered activation pads will bring her to life and give you three songs and a couple of rhymes which help teach letters, numbers, shapes and colours.


At the same time as being a source of comfort, Minnie helps with your child’s development by appealing to the senses with the baby having to use touch to encourage Minnie to make noises which obviously encourages the child to listen. Charlotte and Dylan at their two different ages use Minnie in different ways, Charlotte as a baby likes to cuddle Minnie whereas Dylan will sit with Minnie as if she was a friend waiting to play with him.

This Baby Minnie soft toy is mega cute and how can you not agree when you can just see how much enjoyment she has brought to these adorable little faces. At £14.99 that RRP will also bring a smile to your face, we think she would make the ideal Birthday, Easter, Christmas or even Valentines present for little ones.