Cloth Nappy Love #2

Joining in with The Mumington Post & More Than Just A Mummy #ClothNappyLove Linky again means another excuse to show off our cloth stash. Dylan practically lives in Bambino Mio’s at the moment as it’s the only nappy we have found that keeps him dry and fit comfortably on his toddler’s bottom. Am open to suggestions of other nappies to try which will suit a heavy wetter. I love these photos of Dylan in his Cheeky Monkey Miosolo All In One with his L’asticot top from KynaBoutique. As you can see his sister is monkeying around in the background, get it? Haha..


Dylan and I had a joint Circus theme going on with me wearing my Elephant Top from Tigerlilly Quinn and him wearing his Circus Miosolo All In One.


We almost have a full whammy going on with all the new Bambino Mio prints so have included these Panda Miosolo All One shots. He will wear all 4 new prints in one day, and then overnight/the next day they are in the wash and drying, and he will wear those ridiculously expensive disposables. Since he has been wearing reusables, I have already seen how much money we have saved. Enough for me to buy new nappies, yay.


Charlotte has been rocking her goddess pink Gpant from gNappies this week along with her red and green one. We have not worn them in a while as we had run out of disposable inserts so they somehow myself there way to the bottom of the nappy box, horrifying I know. Will punish myself by buying another colour to join our growing rainbow.