Charlotte’s 1st Birthday

Her Birthday was meant to be celebrated the week before at a birthday party but sadly was rather poorly, so we had to cancel everything, thankfully the venue was rather understanding, and it didn’t cost us anything. Instead of booking soft play and having a fancy cake made we donated the cost of this to First Touch in celebration of a boy called Hugo who also turned 1 but was celebrating it in the stars above. This meant so much more to us than paying for something which would last a couple of hours and something she will not remember. I’m hoping she will look back at this in the future and know that we marked her first birthday in a rather special way, I’m also she will read about Hugo and learn of the fantastic work his mother Leigh is doing. Please do check out Leigh’s blog Headspace Perspective.


Thankfully Charlotte was feeling much better come the weekend of her birthday and was happy enough to receive a small pile of presents, but of course, her eyes lit up at the sight of her very own tractor. Everywhere we go that has the ride on tractors she just adored sitting on them and being pushed around, so it was a no-brainer to what to get her. We knew she would also love the Maxomorra Tractor romper suit to go with it.


We were originally just going to have a family tea party that afternoon but seeing as we had to cancel her party the weekend before we invited friends to come and join us. We had a lovely afternoon filled with food, the frozen soundtrack and cake.


I had a bit of an oopsie with the rainbow cake I was planning on making, by oopsie I mean I wasn’t sure it had turned out ok and disowned it on the day and quickly whipped up a cake with thanks to Aunt Betty Crocker cake mix. As I had finished that I was inspired by the tub of smarties Oli had left next to it to chuck a number 1 on top quickly. There were no complaints from Charlotte and her friends as they tucked into it. I did come back to the rainbow cake the next day and stuck some buttercream in the layers, and upon cutting into it, we discovered it was actually rather colourful. I am sure though that Charlotte did not complain about the fact she ended up with two cakes for her Birthday.