ALDI Specialbuys New Bedroom Range Review

ALDI_Specialbuys_New_Bedroom_RangeALDI is one of those shops we go to for guaranteed bargains; there are certain products I have to go there for as they offer the best price and quality over the other supermarkets. Think baking supplies and fruit. Though I am still kicking myself for missing out on the bargain omelette maker, I like to think missing out on that has been justified by their offer to review the ALDI’s Specialbuys New Bedroom Range. Especially when we thought we were just reviewing one of the duvet sets but got a completely new bed set.

I was impressed upon first opening up the box and seeing the prices they were marked with, surely a mistake? But after checking the RRP, these were indeed the prices set for customers in the store. I have been looking for a mattress protector for a while now but didn’t want to break the bank with one, that and I was unsure which actually to go for with different thicknesses and jargon. For £6.79 this mattress protector is something I would have expected to pay four times the price of, it has given us new life into the mattress we thought we would have to replace soon.

ALDI_Mattress_ProtectorWe will put the new pillow protectors on the pillows either in the winter and when they feel like they need that extra oomph. all of the bedding comes in different sizes, and ours were for king size, a size which normally leaves us looking at extra expense but not in this case.

The duvet set was something we were also impressed with, both the quality and the design exceeded our expectations for something from ALDI and the price of £12.99 for kingsize. Nothing can beat the feeling of a new bed set, that ultimate comfort as you snuggle down into bed with new duvet and new duvet cover. Chuck in new pillows and that new mattress protector and you have a bed that you just do not want to leave in the mornings. Not only do you not want to leave it but you will find the kids do not want to leave it either.