As You Turn 1..

Charlotte's 1st Year

Oh baby girl, our darling Charlotte.

You turn 1 today. We do not know where the last year went and we think that you could be ageing faster then what your brothers are.

You have been in our lives for one whole year and we can no longer remember what life was like without you in it. You have well and truly completed us as a family and you have made us feel another kind of love that we did not know was even possible. I describe it to people as a love circle that was missing a link until you came along, of course we never knew what this missing link was until we met you. And of course it never felt like we were missing one until we clapped our eyes on that pregnancy test.

It seems like a life time ago that I started to feel ill whilst on holiday and when the smell of bacon turned me green and the nausea started to kick in, we knew that you were inside of me. A few tests later back at home and there was that positive result which expanded our hearts instantly. It continued to grow during the 9 months I carried you, with ever kick and heartbeat we became head over heels for a person we had yet to meet.

The moment you were born and I looked into those eyes I knew I had given birth to my best friend, over the last year we have grown so close as we get to know one another. We know each other so well even though you do not have the ability to string sentences together or understand how much we really rely on one another for cuddles, love and someone to share that big slick of cake with.

They say girls are different to boys and my word how you are so different to your big brothers. Firstly we had to navigate ourselves around this new way of dressing a baby, there were tights and dresses and we had to develop some art of not clashing the both which is difficult as me and daddy have no fashion sense between us. I have enjoyed so much indulging in buying you a wardrobe fit for a princess, even Daddy squeals when we see dresses or shoes in shops that you just must simply have.

Personality wise you are a total mini fruit loop, you find everything funny especially your brothers and daddy. You know how to get what you want and I know we need to curb this now, you already know how to fake cry and you know how to get us all doing things for you. One look at your brother and he will instantly push you around on your tractor, one flutter of those beautiful eyelashes and you have your Daddy’s full attention.

We had your 1 year check up with the Health Visitor and we barely needed t talk about you, as she saw to your big brother Dylan she could see how well you are doing. How you clap, talk, crawl, cruise and are able to handle your own, I think the word ‘perfect’ was used and we couldn’t think of a better way to describe you.

Pink things has creeped into the house month by month, dolls are starting to increase in numbers and the ponies will need there own stable soon enough . We maybe indulging in our girly sides by allowing pink but as you grow older I can already see you liking everything and anything just like your mother. Of course I could be wrong and you may be the most girly girl around or a total tomboy as you fight Dylan for Oli’s hand me downs. No matter what we will be here listening to you but you dont mind if in the mean time we buy another My Little Pony?

Your favourite word by far isn’t Mama or Dada but it is instead dog. Oh how you love the word dog, you find our dog Coulson hilarious and one day we will tell you how it was probably because of you that we bought Coulson home to live with us. We didn’t know I was probably so emotional and touched by his story because of those pregnancy hormones that were flowing through my body. You made us giggle when we visited a farm and you called all the animals ‘dog’ I think you think that anything

Food is a love that we both obviously share and it makes me smile when everyone comments that you obviously got your love of cake from me. You already have your favourite foods especially beans and peas, I have started to call you my little sweet pea because of this. You have the most amazing personality and with each day that passes we are discovering what kind of personality you have, I can see where you are your father’s daughter but then with your tantrums over not getting your own way Daddy says you are a mini me.

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl x x