Following on from not what you cannot do but what you can do and taking that first step with the health visitor.

We couldn’t attend Dylan’s paediatrician appointment back in December. We had waited a couple of months for the appointment to come through so it wasn’t something we wanted to miss, but when the day came around, he was full of cold and not quite himself, so we didn’t want to put him through that process. We were sent a new appointment a month later, which is now tomorrow.

Tomorrow we hopefully start to receive some answers and guidance on how to unlock Dylan. I say answers, but I know we will not get them. I do not quite know what I am expecting and hoping for. It will be good not to have to feel like we are waiting, waiting is the only thing I feel like we have been doing and it is the only thing we know what to do regarding Dylan. We can use Google and all the resources we find online to try to help our son speak and to understand the world, but we are not getting anywhere.

Our hearts are showing and guiding him as much as they can do, something we fall back on is love, and this is the one aspect to Dylan we can see and feel. We may be struggling to unlock his brain, but that heart is fully unlocked as is mine when it comes to our special boy. Here’s hoping tomorrow will help us on the process to unlocking all of him.