The Week That Was: Captured #3

We escaped the warmth of the house on Sunday for the park, and even though we wrapped up warm, we did not stay long and hurried home for warm drinks. We were there long enough though for Dylan to have a good run around, Charlotte to have a go on the swings she loves so much and for Oli to have a go at climbing a big rock, of course, he fell down and confirmed that Daddy was right in saying he should not have gone on it, but most you said I was right in letting his climb it. After warm drinks, we cooled down with ice creams because they are not just for Winter.

Monday was a lazy day until we had to do the PM school run. Oh, how soaked we got. It seems people have no etiquette when it comes to the rain and people decided to block paths or walk slow, seriously I could not have been the only one who wanted to quickly put up my child and get home where it was dry. The evening saw Dylan hurting his finger, and we were worried he had broken it as it swelled up and it looked like it hurt him to use, thankfully the swelling went down a couple of days later, and it was ok to use. The sad thing was due to his lack of communication he couldn’t tell us anything, so it was guess work to what was wrong.

Appointment at the hospital for Oli’s eyes on the Tuesday, it took us ages to try and find a parking space and still couldn’t find one as the appointment time drew closer, so the husband had to do a dump and run with us. When I got to the reception, I was informed the appointment was cancelled and that they had contacted me. Argh. I said had not received any call, but my phone was having issues. I quickly ran out as the man was telling me a letter was in the post with a new appointment, all I could think of was the poor husband becoming increasingly frustrated as he tried to find a parking spot. The broken phone prompted my next visit to be to EE to see if they would kindly upgrade me two days early. Apparently, this would occur £50 fee. So nice of them to reward a loyal customer in such a way. So my next visit was to Vodafone who sorted me out with a shiny new phone, lower tariff and they bought my old broken phone off me which paid off EE & my first months bill.

Some snow arrived on Wednesday but it was the kind of snow that by the morning school run came about it was rather slippery and I was actually glad I had the monster truck (double pram) to hold on to. The moment I got in it was kettle on and pop tarts on a plate to warm up. I felt today was a special day as Charlotte wore her very first skirt, obviously something I never got put the boys in and it was a outfit I bought her whilst pregnant. She looked so girly and we had a lovely afternoon playing with her ball pit. Daddy came with us on the PM school run and I was able to put Charlotte in the Stokke Crusi to use and oh how it was pram love at the first push. I was rather jealous of how snug she looked and by the time we got home she was fast asleep. The evening ended with more ice cream and some sparklers.

Thursday was another wet day, but it did not stop me and the children going to a special stay & play session for Dylan as recommended to us by the paediatrician. It was something I was rather nervous about, but it was a fantastic afternoon, and even though we missed Oli doing some singing it was worth it for what we got out of it, will be blogging about it asap. A friend kindly took a photo of Oli, so we saw him in action. He came home with broken glasses that day, one day we may joke about his voice and the fact his glasses broke.

Fall Out Boy tickets were the excitement for Friday, and I can excitedly say that I have tickets and will be going to see them in October for my birthday. Now if October could hurry around it would be muchly appreciated. The younger ones had a lovely afternoon with Daddy playing with some kinetic sand. We had a friend over for dinner that evening, and I was pleased that we avoided raiding the takeaway by making a home made curry. It went rather well, and I look forward to having more victims friends over for dinner soon.

Daddy was unwell on Saturday, so we had a lazy day full of arts & crafts. Dylan & Charlotte like being able to stick anything and everything which came to hand while Oli made some frames for some photos and a 2015 calender for us. Oli surprised us with his amazing drawing abilities; it seems his free hand drawing has become one of his best skills. We are quickly running out of room to hang his masterpieces.

the week that was #3