The Week That Was: Captured #2

Upon waking up on Sunday we asked Oli what he wanted to do that day and his reply was to visit the Eiffel Tower which is the second time we have heard this request from him. His next reply was to see some Dinosaurs which is more achievable for us. We have visited Dinosaur World in Norfolk & one indoors in Torquay which it was he was probably getting at. After discussing distances we said we could visit All Things Wild to see some dinosaurs. He really did get a close look at them…

Monday was a sad day as it saw Oli returning to school after the holidays and the return of the school run. Charlotte is not a morning person and would much rather be in bed or lazing around with some breakfast to hand; I have no idea who she got this from *coughs*. Something I wasn’t sad about the return of was Broadchurch, it was SO good and will give us something to look forward to on Monday’s. My rant for this week goes to Amazon who thought it non-eco friendly to package two rather small photo frames into two rather large boxes. I felt sorry for the postman who had to deliver them.

Yay for Tuesday as it usually sees Daddy having a day off. It was a lazy day of playing with toys whilst Mummy did housework but we all had the joy of watching Charlotte taker her first steps using her walker. I noticed her trying to do it the day before but I pretended it wasn’t happening but I could not avoid Daddy’s joyful shouts of ‘come and see what our clever daughter is doing’. If I had my way I would clue her bottom to the floor and demand she stays a baby for just a little bit longer. We ended the day with a bath and some shadow puppetry.

We awoke to a rather beautiful sky on the Wednesday which made waking up for the school run worth it. Charlotte traded in her brother’s old walker for her very first pram which doubles up as a walker, of course being a daughter of a pramaholic it was a must have. I had the joys of watching Oli make his very first lasagne for tea; he found it fascinating watching the mince brown as he stirred it.

Thursday was our first visit to see the paediatrician to talk about Dylan. It was an appointment I experienced many feelings towards before it actually happened but it went really well, and our paediatrician is a rather lovely lady and who is very honest. We came away with a course of action which has pleased us all. This is something I will blog about in more detail when I actually get time, as you can see this evening blogging time is spent doing this post full of our week’s memories.

Now that all the baby groups have returned we ventured out the house on Friday to our local Breastfeeding group. I would say I enjoyed a cup of coffee and cake, but I enjoyed the water and 1/3 of my cake as it was shared amongst a cake loving baby and toddler.

The weather was dreadful on Saturday and busted any plans we had of visiting the park. I instead decided to blitz the toys in the living room and put some of them away in the kid’s bedrooms as well as rotate some, so they have some different toys to plays with. My hard work was rewarded by the delivery of some sparkly shoes I had treated myself to.

Our Week #2