The Week That Was: Captured #1

When I started up my blog, I planned on doing so to keep my memories and moments somewhere, and I guess over time I have lost this as life has got busy. That is why this year I have promised myself to join in with those linky’s which will prompt me to record those moments in mainly photo form. We love the idea of ‘The Week That Was Captured’ from Make, Do & Push! So will be joining in with this each week.


So Sunday we had a few odd jobs to do, and of course, odd jobs mean a visit to the DIY store. Right next to our DIY stores is the park so of course, it would have been rude of us not to visit it. We took along Oli’s new remote control helicopter for him to play. It was a freezing day, so we didn’t stay long but enough to put smiles on those three little faces.

Monday saw us visiting the Man’s Grandparents/the children’s Great Grandparents; we enjoyed lunch with them and his Aunt and talking about what we got up to over the Christmas period. They live in the Cotswolds, so the drive there and back was rather delightful with the winter scenery. The day was topped off with the purchase of a new camera for me.

Daddy went back to work on the Tuesday, so it was just the 3 kids and me to sit and raid the Christmas chocolates, oh what a shame. We decided to take down the tree and a few of the Christmas decorations so we could make more room to play with all the new toys Father Christmas bought them. I had a rather exciting delivery in the form of a Stokke Crusi which has been loaned me while my Stokke Trailz goes off the pram docs. It was also the day the dog decided to chew the washing machine. Grh.

Wednesday was all about playing with our toys. Dylan surprised us by joining in to help feed his sister, major heart-melting moment. As it was New Year’s Eve, we decided to have a buffet to celebrate followed by various games which we could all join in to play. I was in bed by Midnight feeding Charlotte while Daddy ran around trying to settle a dog who isn’t too keen on fireworks.

The next day Thursday was New Years Day, and we were one of hose terrible shoppers who took advantage of those having to work to raid our local electrical shop for a new washing machine, microwave and kettle. I and Oli decided to make a chocolate orange cake that afternoon, but we had to skip the oranges when we realised they were growing furry stuff inside.

My Friday started with shouting at the binmen. So it may have been through my front door and on my local council’s social media pages but oh how I was angry. They didn’t take a bag of our rubbish because it was in a binbag something which I told the husband off for later, but I was more annoyed about the fact they took our neighbours which was also in bin bags and that they left this bag in the middle of my drive for it to blow everywhere. It was such a windy day that logical thinking would have saw them popping it back inside the bin. Though having a heart would have seen them throwing the recycling into the truck and popping the bag back into the bin. However, watching the children play and eat the cake we made the day before made that day much brighter.

On Saturday it was a rainy day, so we decided to throw our park plans out the window and spend the day playing with toys. I caught up on all the housework I had abandoned for the Christmas period; it was amazing how much washing I had collected in those days I was without a washing machine.

The Week That Was Captured #1