Not Understanding

20150114_170212Oh, darling this afternoon as you gave yourself a nose bleed I wondered if this is the start of something. Only the other week you hurt your finger as you went flying into the sofa and we thought you had broken it. You didn’t understand the consequences of your actions, and you found it funny that the more you put your finger up your nose the more it bled. There was so much blood coming out, and it made me sad to see your face like that. Your brother, however, thought it cool and I’m pretty sure he went off trying to make his nose do the same. But that’s the difference between you two, Oli wants to do it because he thought it cool but you just didn’t understand any of it.

The repetitiveness has been taking up a notch lately, and you want to do the same thing over, over and over again. You have taught us patience, the moment we became parents we learnt to be patient, and with you, we will give you all the time in the world if you want to do something over, over and over again. Sadly picking your nose isn’t something we can support though and this is something you cant play with.

After that happened, you were overwhelmed because Oli made a loud noise with the LEGO Duplo and your face and reaction is something I notice and something I’m noticing more with you. At groups, I know when certain noises will get you, and I know if the way someone is talking will send you into overdrive. You start to twirl your hair, and we slap your hands up in the air. Oh, baby boy, I wish I could protect you from all this but I cannot.

We also experienced the hyper side today, the part of you which has you screaming and running around and it sees us trying to calm you down. It was exactly that which made you hurt your finger when you ran and flew into the sofa. I dont get how loud noises can upset you, but then you will make loud noises. There is so much I do not get, and I cannot understand.

But today reminded me that you do not understand and that we need to work even harder at helping you to understand.


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