Living Arrows #1

I really enjoyed browsing What The Redhead Said (formerly Redhead Babyled) Living Arrows posts last year and when the New Year came about I promised myself I would also join in with this linky. Like many other Bloggers I got a new camera for Christmas and mastering it is something I’m wanting and needing to do. I took it outside the house with me for the first time this week when Oli requested we go somewhere to see Dinosaurs which was easier done then his initial request of seeing the Eiffel Tower.

I fell out with my camera many times, and it was most often when I wanted to take a photo that it wouldn’t take a photo. Typical. However I pleased it caught a photo of Dylan looking at the camera, he never looks at the camera which goes alongside him not giving eye contact to people other than me on the rare occasion so that photo is one for us to treasure.





Living Arrows