Kokoso Baby 100% Natural Coconut Oil

When asked if we wanted to try some 100% Natural Coconut Oil from Kokoso Baby I was going to say no until I browsed the website and came across this post about using it to combat cradle cap. I really not sure about Coconut Oil and my only experience of it has been something you eat whilst it is covered in chocolate.

For the first year of my children’s lives I do attempt treat their skin as naturally as possible. All my children have had cradle cap and Charlotte is no different to her brothers. With our first son Oli I let his cradle cap naturally fall off, more for the fact I did not actually know much about it or what I could actually do with it. His was rather bad and as you can see from these photos, it actually looked like he had scales on his head.


Dylan’s was not as bad out of the three of them and good old breastmilk rubbed into it worked a treat. So of course this was my planned treatment for Charlotte’s cradle cap but after various attempts it did not want to work as well as it did for me in the past. So of course I was interested to see if the coconut oil would make any difference. This was Charlotte’s cradle cap before we tried Kokoso Baby.


The method we tried was to rub it into her scalp after her bath, after drying her off I rubbed some of the oil into my hand where it softened up and became more of a liquid form. I gently massaged this onto her head and then left it over night. In the morning I used her little baby brush to gently brush the scalp and with this the cradle cap gently came away. I was so pleased with the result which you can see for yourself was just brilliant.


Since discovering this coconut oil I have came across many others ways in which we could use it as a family. It has been used on my hair, used as a massaging oil for both the little ones and us bigger people. I am so happy we used it on Charlotte’s head, her hair is now growing nicely without the sight and annoyance of cradle cap.


You can now find it on sale in your local Boots store.

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  • Ohh wow! That looks like it has worked wonders…It sounds fantastic stuff x

  • Kate Fever

    Wow! Have never heard of this coconut oil, but as Max still has cradle cap at 20 months I will definitely be giving it a go! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  • That looks to have made a huge difference! All three of mine have suffered from cradle cap to varying degrees – in fact my three year old has only just finally got rid of hers!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested and a very happy new year to you x

  • Susanne Remic

    Wow you really can see the difference! Elsie doesn’t have cradle cap but she does have eczema and we’ve been given stuff for that. To be honest I prefer natural stuff too and this was already recommended to me so think I will get some. x