2014 You Were Amazing, I Thank You!



2014 saw us complete our family, and this feeling of completion is one of warmth and humongous satisfaction. It has bought a whole new meaning of love.

This time last year I have just turned 30 Weeks with Charlotte being born at the end of February after being told she needed to come out and that was pretty much the start of our year. I have still not got around to finishing off her birth story; maybe I will of finished it by the time she turns 1. Blogging took a backbench in 2014 as I realised blogging with three children was much harder then I imagined, nap times are a no-no and the only me time achieved were those visits to the bathroom where I was lucky enough not to be accompanied by a small child. While Breastfeeding Dylan I used those times to blog but feeding Charlotte sees me wanting to do nothing but read my books or pointlessly surf the web.

Charlotte 2014

Guess that was the ultimate highlight of our year but every day did seem like we had hit the jackpot as we continued our daily family lives. We didn’t have as many adventures as what we of liked but we plan on making up for this BIGtime in 2015. The kids, of course, are continuing to grow, Oli went up into year 1 and is continuing to thrive at school. The New Year will see him turning 6, Dylan 3 and of course Charlotte 1 which quite simply makes me want to scream STOP GROWING UP.

Dylan 2014

I do not want to reflect too much on 2014, it was the most amazing year for us so far but who knows what 2015 has in store. Instead of dwelling on the past we are going to chuck all our energy into 2015. We have Birthday celebrations to plan, the younger one’s Christening and so much more. Here’s to 2015!

Oli 2014