Trendy Tots Thursday

I think I will class this weeks edition of Trendy Tots Thursdays as the outdoor version as it sees my tots wearing rather adorable outerwear. First up is this gorgeous pink coat from Villervalla, we purchased it from impkids ready for her to wear when the cold weather came about. I remember buying it as we bought these dungarees for Dylan at the same time. There is plenty of room for her to grow into it over the next few weeks. It comes with a hood as well so perfect for rainy trips to the park.


I couldn’t not feature Charlotte’s new All In One that she was sent from Lilly & Sid for Autumn days. They said it would be the perfect addition for her to wear with her many prams and they were right. How cute does she look rocking her new all in one in her Doona pram? We adore it so much that we need to dedicate a whole separate blog post to it but here’s a sneak peak..


Ok so I know that I have featured this coat maybe once or twice before but it’s my blog, my rules so I’m showing it off again. We love, love, LOVE our indikidual coat and it’s been a year since we bought it from Yellow Lolly and it’s still going strong. You can find it still for sale over on the indikidual website. After this A/W it will be going away until it’s time to pass it on to Charlotte.