Trendy Tots Thursday

It’s been a poorly household here the last few weeks, so I have not taken part in Trendy Tots Thursday lately. That I meant I couldn’t share these adorable photos of Charlotte wearing her brother’s old catsuit. Oli wore this back in October 2009, Dylan in October 2012 and now Charlotte in October 2014. It was originally bought from Mothercare for Oli by his Godmother. In that picture of Dylan with Charlotte, he is also rocking a Mothercare top, we do love Mothercare clothes especially the Littlebird range.


Another hand me down from one of her brothers, and that’s this LEGO wear dungarees and vest. The vest is rather cute and has a LEGO elephant on it. I may have dusted it off too late, and she just about squeezed into it. Did you even know that LEGO did LEGOwear? I’m pretty sure if my memory serves me right I bought this outfit from Zalando.


We do love the pink, OK so it’s me that likes the pink and Charlotte has to wear what I pick for now but I’m sure looking back on this one day she will agree that she looks rather cute. Sadly her last time wearing her rather adorable Bonnie Baby cardigan, I’m impressed with how long it has lasted her, and I think I will be replacing with another Bonnie baby cardigan. In these photos, she’s rocking Zara baby cords and some NEXT baby shoes that I bought her not long after finding out she was a girl.