#StokkeTrailz – The Library

We are huge library fans in this house with all of us owning well-used library cards. This particular trip to the library was a quick one for me to return some books, so I didn’t take Dylan out of his pram, but we did have a sneak peak in the children’s section, and it was here that it dawned on me just how similar the Stokke Trailz which we have been sent to review is to the Stokke Xplory we own. It hasn’t said goodbye to that height aspect I adore so much on the Xplory, Dylan was able to see the bookshelves from the height he was at in his pushchair. I like to think this takes away some of that boredom older children may get in pushchairs where you are practically at knee height. I’m sure the Stokke Trailz will be accompanying us to the library again soon.

Stokke Trailz