Playmobil Advent Calendar

Each year as a Playmobil Playologist we have gifted a Playmobil Advent Calendar for the children, originally Oli, but as they are getting older, it’s being shared by them all. Last year Oli received the Playmobil Police Advent Calendar, and I can happily say that a year on it’s still regularly played with including the cardboard cutout which formed the stage setting for the Playmobil pieces. Seeing as we have already experienced these calendars, we can excitedly shout about this one which is sat waiting for the 1st December to come about.


There is so much fun to be had as they open a number each day to reveal various pieces which all come together to form a playset. This Christmas one is going to take centre stage on our fireplace as I think it will double up as a fantastic Christmas decoration. Forget that tiny piece of chocolate, why not give them something which will still be around once Christmas is all over.