I’m Going To Blogfest 2014

mumsnetThanks to Lucy at Lucy’s Mad House¬†sharing a spare ticket with me, I’m going to be attending Mumsnet blogging conference Blogfest tomorrow. I can’t decide what I’m more excited about.. The sessions, seeing some rather lovely bloggers or the fact I get to escape the house for the day with my gorgeous girly. As I’m still feeding Charlotte, she will be coming along with me, because where my boobs go – she goes. It will most likely be her second and last blogging conference unless you count the two last she attended without my knowledge in my uterus last year.

I’m quite relaxed about the fact I’m attending something I’ve never attended before. I read the programme for the day, and I’m just simply looking forward to getting my geek on. I’m just hoping Charlotte will be happy enough to spend the day with me at Blogfest as she is getting through a ‘dadadada’ stage where he is her all-time favourite person.


I will be easy to spot as I will be with the baby. We will both be wearing the first thing I grab for us at 5.30am tomorrow. Most likely anything comfortable including easy boob access, definitely expect converses of some colour. I should really lay stuff out in preparation this evening, but I know the moment I finish feeding Charlotte to sleep and clicked publish on this that I’m going to curl up on the sofa in front of the TV and not give any thought to all the train travelling we will be doing at silly o’clock.