Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

I was starting to draft up a post about Oli’s food issues and how since last week he has not been eating proper food. It started just as half term began and it saw him being sick and come the Monday he no longer wanted to eat food, and it continued all week, so before he was due to go back to school, we took him to the doctor.  The doctor just said it was one of those things and that as long as he was eating something (he would only eat green vegetables and ice cream), then all was fine.

Then yesterday morning a rash appeared on his hands.


At first we were really worried because we thought this could be some kind of alarming symptom on top of the fact he had been off food. I phoned NHS direct who told me to get some hand cream for it and that it was probably nothing. Of course, nothing can beat a mother’s instinct, and a while later when checking him again, I rolled down his socks and noticed it had started appearing on his feet.


I then put two and two together and thought this was most likely Hand, Foot & Mouth.


He had all the symptoms of Hand, Foot & Mouth minus the rash or blisters in the mouth but I am not sure if he had anything during that week of not eating as I never thought to look. Of course, it could of all been something viral but who knows.


After the rash had started to vanish then it turned into blisters, it all went after a week, and Oli returned to school. Have to admit I was annoyed at the school’s reaction to us not wanting to send Oli into school while in this condition. The fact he wasn’t eating right was worried me, I know I don’t feel 100% and up to do anything when skipping a meal or 2 so how could I expect my five years old?!