Christmas Gift Ideas Under £10

I do not know about you but I absolutely love this time of the year, for me it’s where the excitement of Christmas kicks in and I find myself wanting to listen to Christmas songs on constant repeat. I’m in full on Christmas shopping mode and now that we have 3 to shop for it means triple the presents and triple the cost. So of course I’m bargain hunting, I enjoyed sharing my Leapfrog bargain finds the other day so I thought I would share some more finds on my travels, many of these items will be presents that my own children will be receiving Christmas Day. All prices were under £10 at time of posting.

My_Little_Pony_Twilight_Jewellery_Case I totally have a thing for My Little Pony but as Charlotte will still be under 1 when Christmas comes about the only My Little Pony toy she will be getting is a soft cuddly one. If your child is older why not have a look at the My Little Pony Twilight Jewellery Case which is down to £9.53 from £12.99.


My_Little_Pony_Pinkie_Pie_Hair_Care_CaseAnother My Little Pony find is the My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Hair Care Case which is just as cute as the My Little Pony Jewellery case I mentioned above. It comes with a little hair dryer as well as lots of accessories. It is down to £9.66 from £12.99.


Mega_Bloks_Classic_Buildable_BagWe have this Mega Bloks Classic Buildable Bag (60 Pieces) and we think these are an ideal starter set for children discovering building blocks for the first time. The bag it comes in doubles as storage so they can easily be put away at the end of play. I like the fact it has some building suggestions on it, we have copied the giraffe ideal many times. Down to £7.50 from £14.99.

TOMY_Play_to_Learn_Hide_n_Squeak_Eggs_TomySome classic toys here and again more toys that we own which we can say without a doubt are well loved and well used by all of our children. These TOMY Play to Learn Hide ‘n’ Squeak Eggs are a good price and if you dont want them for Christmas then why not buy them to put away for Easter? Down to £5.76 from £7.49.

TOMY_Pop-Up_PirateIf you are looking for the perfect game to start introducing games to the children then the TOMY Pop-Up Pirate may be ideal for them. The 5 year old knows how to play it and will have us all playing it with him including the toddler who doesn’t quite know how to play it but does love sticking the swords into the holes. Down to £8.50 from £12.99. So just 49p over but it has been going up and down in price.


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