Christmas Gift Ideas Under £20

Theo_Klein_Barbie_Vet_s_Kit_Ok, what confused me about this is that it’s Barbies cat, but it’s like life-size. So if you were to put this near a Barbie doll, it would be like twice the size of her. Still, a bargain and I can imagine any pet loving child would love this Theo Klein Barbie Vet’s Kit (Pink) and care for and carry this around in its transport case. Down to £16.75 from £33.50.


I especially like the price of this Tonka Town Prison Playset which is down to £16.49 from £24.99. I love the idea of the sounds and that light. We have started to explain the emergency services to our toddler, so this could be a great tool for doing so.


We love all things shops at the moment, and this is our favourite role play game. Of course, for this game, you need a till and we have a wooden one which was given to the boys for Christmas last year.Theo_Klein_Multi-Functional_Cash_Register We have found the Theo Klein Multi-Functional Cash Register on sale at £19.79 from £29.99. This one does sound rather exciting as not only does it come with a built-in scanner but it also has a transport belt and weighing scales. I’ve never thought to bring in a transport belt to our games of shopkeeping — something for me to try and recreate at home.

Girl_Tech_Password_JournalSo I do not know teenagers, but I do remember what it was like to be a young girl and writing down my daily going on were something I enjoyed. Guess that makes sense why I became a blogger. I would of like this Girl Tech Password Journal 8 when I was younger then I wouldn’t have had to go to extra lengths to hide my secret ramblings under the mattress. Down to £14.99 from £24.99.

LEGO_Juniors_10668_The_Princess_Play_CastleHere is something for the younger ones LEGO Juniors 10668: The Princess Play Castle. I’m slowly building up my own wishlist of LEGO products, and I totally want to add this one to it. I love the colours of these blocks, and I think they would make a welcome addition to our LEGO box. A whole rainbow of colours. I like the box it comes in as well, great little starter set for a LEGO newbie. It is down to £14.97 from £14.99.


Hello_Kitty_Hug_Me_StrollerIf everyone could buy this Hello Kitty Hug Me Stroller, then it would stop me from doing so. I am a big Hello Kitty fan (even more so then My Little Pony), and I like prams so combining the two is a treat for me. Nine months isn’t too young to ow a toy stroller, is it? Is it? Ok, maybe it is something I should grab now to put away as a future gift. At that price, I could add a couple to our Birthday present box which is empty. Down to £12.74 from £16.99.

Mega_Bloks_First_Builders_Build_N_Splash_Bath_BlocksLooking for a different kind of bath toy which will keep the children amused as your scrub them clean? Then why not grab these Mega Bloks First Builders Build N Splash Bath Blocks for them. It comes with a handy draining bucket with a suction cup for storing all of their Build ‘n Splash friends. It’s also compatible with all Mega Bloks First Builders sets. £16.24.

LEGO_DUPLO_10558_Number_TrainSomething for the younger ones and something which my toddler will be receiving this Christmas is the LEGO DUPLO 10558 Number Train. Numbers is his thing, and even though he doesn’t say any other words, he will happily count one to ten. Seeing as he likes those numbers, trains and LEGO Duplo. It is a no-brainer that he will like this set for Christmas. It is at £19.49 but has been going down as low as £11.49.

VTech_Baby_Toot-Toot_Drivers_Police_StationThis VTech Baby Toot-Toot Drivers Police Station is just over the £20 mark by a few pence. It’s down from £19.99 to £20.35. This is a great starter kit if you want to introduce your little ones to the Toot-Toot cars, we have several of them, and the kids love letting them all off.
Not one for us but I have seen the advert on TV several times for this Doggie Doo Game. I have enough work on my hands with the real dog and picking up his doggie doos, so the last thing I want to play with is to pretend doggie doos. If it is something your kids are after, then grab it now while it is half price at £16.44 from £22.99.

Transformers_4_Folding_Inline_ScooterKnow a Transformers fan? What about this Transformers 4 Folding Inline Scooter for them? Might be a way to get them excited about the school run on those colder mornings. My eldest still has his three wheeled scooter, and I’m wondering how long until he starts to ask for this kind of scooter. I expect I will find it on his Christmas list next year. It is down to £14.99 from £28.64.

Dora_Colour_In_Backpack_Dora_the_ExplorerIf your little one is a huge Dora The Explorer fan then this Dora Colour In Backpack Dora the Explorer may be perfect. It’s down to £12.95 from £19.99. Would keep the kids entertained as they wait for that Christmas dinner to be cooked. Charmies Magic Beader is exactly the kind of thing I would have loved as a young child. I can imagine spending hours doing such a kit. I would if the man would find it strange if I added this to my Christmas list. Might make a change from that loom band craze, I know I would find a charm bracelet much prettier to look at. This is down to £12.55 from £19.99.

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