Bernard Matthews #Bootiful Meals

Who doesn’t have a freezer stocked full of goodies which get raided come those evenings where 20 minutes is all you have to put dinner together for the kids. If you were to sneak a look inside of our freezer, you would mostly find it full of Bernard Matthews Turkey products. Sadly since the half term came around I have had some rather poorly children on my hands, our eldest simply just didn’t want to eat which was rather worrying. You know something is up when you put a plate of dinosaurs in front of him, and he doesn’t want to eat them. He was so excited to see the Bernard Matthew haul especially the Bernard Matthews Jetters, sadly the plate didn’t get eaten, but Daddy appreciated the meal. Together they enjoyed talking about what kind of planes they could be.


For us, as adults, we find the Turkey Products one of those truly comforting meals, one that takes us back to our childhood which was filled with turkey drummers. Not only are the meals comforting but they are quick to make, we can go from empty plates to a plate full of food in just under 20 minutes depending on the product.  Which is brilliant when you need to chuck together some dinner for the family quickly. Or even if you need a quick lunch fix, we did Dinosaurs in bed for one lunch which was just simply pitta bread, bits of salad, some Turkey Dinosaurs and of course splodges of ketchup. That’s the thing with kids; ketchup goes on anything and everything.


Thankfully eating has returned to normal and the first proper plate of food? Bernard Matthews Turkey Dinosaurs of course! Our mission was to create ‘bootiful’ meals with our Turkey products, and I know my food photography doesn’t exactly show it and personally, I think it’s all about the taste but here is Oli’s asteroid hitting disaster. I threw in a couple of Bernard Matthews Mini Kiev as asteroids. He thought this hilarious which to me says I done something right. Of course, seconds after taking this photo the disaster was awash with blood (tomato ketchup) Oh the joys of raising boys.


It was so lovely not only to see him again but to watch him enjoying his favourite meal; turkey dinosaurs have been asked for quite often for dinner since he was a toddler. We came across this amazing Dinosaur scene from Mummy Mishaps so of course next time our plate is going to contain volcanoes and Dinosaur footprints.


I asked Oli if we should talk about the Bernard Matthews Turkey products that we like on the video, we talked about his favourites before hitting record hence the automatic reel off of what he likes.


The guys at Bernard Matthews sent us £15 vouchers to buy ourselves some delicious Bernard Matthews Turkey, not like they needed to – our freezer is always full and we will happily shout about their food.