Trendy Tots Thursday

It seems we are following on with last weeks theme of wearing hand me downs, Charlotte has mostly been seen in more of her brother’s old clothes this week. A couple of items which I liked so much and found them to be unisex, that they didn’t get put into the ‘pass on’ pile for friends babies. Here she is in Dylan’s old Next rugby style top, I’ve not got a full photo of it but as you can see she’s not one for staying still any more.

Charlotte Next Clothes

Dungarees! I’ve shared my love of dungarees before, and of course, these just have to be worn again, the cute thing about Charlotte wearing them is that she has plenty of girlie tops, shoes and cardigans to team with them.

Dungarees On Baby

Something which was new for the young ones is these onesies which I bought six months ago in the Primark sale for just a couple of pounds each. Sunday morning was cold and was the perfect time to try these on now that they fit. I’ve never really been a fan of the onesie craze but seeing how comfy the kids looked in these has the man tempted to buy our own and me.