The One Where Dylan Goes To Nursery

The moment Oli started school last year we decided we wanted Dylan to attend the Nursery near by his school. For convenience but also because it is rated one of the best nurseries in our town. We totally agreed with this after looking back at the pre-schools Oli went to before starting school. The first pre-school he went to was just simply a hall where health and safety meant the slide they had was not allowed more than 20cm (or something like that) off the ground. They had no garden area, and I’m pretty sure if we had taken him elsewhere earlier on he would have thrived more. We found the staff to beĀ incompetent and we took Oli out that Summer and put him in another nursery where they had an outdoor area with an actual real slide. So this time around we actually look around at our options and went with what we thought was best for our children and not other people. So my biggest tip for other people is to actually go and look at the nursery, compare a few and make your own mind up to where you want your child to go.

Dylan Goes To Nursery

Everything was so different this time around; we got to actually meet other parents at a consultation evening as well as give Dylan an hour there with us watching and joining in. He loved the place, and we couldn’t blame him, they are big on outdoor play and have the most impressive outdoor area full of veg plots, birdwatching huts and so much more. They have the most impressive slide which is where he spent most of that hour, the rest of it was on the corded phone where I think he was more amused by the fact this phone was attached to the dialer. The closest he will get to understanding times before all this wireless technology came into play. We came away excited about leaving Dylan in the capable hands of the nursery staff and knowing that he would be having so much fun here. We did have some reservations about leaving him which I’ll talk about another time. He came home happy and as you can see, fascinated by his name sticker.


When it actually came to his first day, I felt lost, even before he had left I couldn’t help but feel like I had lost him despite him sitting right next to me at the table. I was filled with so many emotions about the fact I was soon going to be walking him to the nursery to leave him for 3 hours with other people. We had started to feel like we had made a mistake with choosing afternoon sessions for him as come the afternoon he seems to be rather tired and even though he rarely naps, afternoons are more of a relaxed affair at home. The mistake was confirmed after 2 hours in, and we got a phone call to say he was dragging and that he was tired, so I went and picked him up. We decided that we would swap to morning sessions instead as he would be so much more awake and will benefit more. I’m still left trying to get my head around my baby starting nursery. We are paying for him to go as we are hoping this will benefit him in so many ways, it will hopefully bring on his speech and social skills in a different way to what we are doing.

Dylan Nursery