The Bed No Longer Belongs To Just Us

I’m pretty sure every parent out there can relate when we say that our bed no longer belongs to just us. Long gone are the days where we could leave the bed made in the morning to find it that same way come the evening. If anything we climb into bed to find extras has been added to it. Various animals underneath the covers, nothing, can make you jump out of your skin like your toes touching a stegosaurus toy. Then you put your head on your pillow only to find it hard and uncomfortable, a quick sweep of the hand underneath and you find a mini library underneath it. Only it is not that novel you have been reading but the A-Z of bugs.


It’s no secret that we co-sleep so sharing the beds with the kids is something joyous to us, but it still means the bed is made up and adapted for them. We may not start the night with a little one in between us, but we do often find ourselves waking up with one. This only lasted nine months with our last baby as the moment he moved into his bedroom and his cot, he slept straight through and had continued to do. With our latest baby being just eight months old we are making the most of waking up next to those gummy smiles.

Long gone are the days where watching TV in bed was just for us, the definition of TV in bed these days means watching various kids cartoons on the iPad on the weekends. The bed seems to be full of multi uses, after bath time you find towels lined up on it ready to wrap the kids and get them dressed and then on the odd occasion you may find it littered with socks as I tackle the odd sock box in the hope of finding matching pairs. The bedside tables are just as bad as the bed, those books and toys once removed from the bed are put on the table where they stay until that weekly clean.

2014-05-17 08.09.29

But you know what? This just makes our bed that extra bit special; I can climb into it at the end of the day and move the toys aside and smile as I think about that tickling session we had that morning.