Taking That First Step With The Health Visitor


It’s like Deja Vu for us as we see a Health Visitor again because concerns have been raised about one of our children (Not What You Cannot Do But What You Can Do) though this time around it seems like we are actually going to get somewhere. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Health Visitors, I don’t like the approach I get from them after those first few weeks of birth, and they seem to know when to leave you alone. It took me a while to shake off the last one we saw after Charlotte was born, I was happy for her to come and see her once after we had been discharged from the Midwife and take weight measurements and other various stats for their records, but that was it. I made excuses for them not to visit anymore and even said we were on holiday, but eventually, I just had to say thank you, but no thank you.

I kinda had to do the same again this time around when arranging for the Health Visitor to come out and do Dylan’s 2 1/2 year check up and discuss Dylan’s nursery report and our concerns at home. She said how she could do Charlotte’s nine months check up at the same time; I was quick to knock her back and tell her I wanted to concentrate on Dylan and how she’s only seven months. No way am I have my baby marked up against some list of what she should be and can be doing at this age. If anything my baby is saying more words than my toddler and handles her emotions better than my 5-year-old. The five-year-old that the Health Visitors didn’t want to know once he hit school age and became schools problem. All over the babies and toddlers until they can be palmed off onto another system.

The visit which happened here in my home went pretty much the way I expected it, she asked lots of questions and watched Dylan as he played. She did her assessment with him as well as take on board nursery’s visit and my opinions. She was pleased to hear that I’m taking him to speech drop-ins and she was going to hurry the speech therapy appointments along. He is being referred to the paediatrician, and she took our nursery report to photocopy to show the doctor along with her assessment. Note to self – make sure you get that report back for your reference.

We are on half term from nursery at the moment, so I can’t liaison with the nursery to what is happened but the Health Visitor is gong to speak to them, and if they are happy to agree to it, Dylan will have an expert in this field come in and help in during his sessions. Pretty sure they will more than accommodate this as they have been fantastic so far with him, much better than when we had to deal with similar with Oli and his pre-school who used Oli to get extra money for the school but not help him.

The Health Visitor has said she would get in touch in a month to check on all of this and to arrange Charlotte’s nine months check up. I should have struck her a deal, she gets all this sorted and Dylan seen by both the speech therapist and paediatrician within the month then she can watch my child as she crawls around, dribbles on her weighing scales and paint a Picasso.