Should The Disabled be Allowed To Park In Parent & Baby?

Because they seem to think it’s OK. However if we turn that question around and ask if Parent & Baby should be allowed to park in disabled I’m sure it will return cries of horror and how it shouldn’t even be considered. This was pretty much the topic of conversation between me and the man on the way home from our food shop this morning.

As we were putting our kids back in the car and our shopping in the boot, a couple parked up right next to us which just happened to be the parent & child parking space right next to the store. I waited to see if they were going to get any kids out the car, noting that they had a disabled badge but of course this was a parent & baby space so they must have at least under 5 with them, right? Well no they didn’t and of course I noted this out aloud to them and the reply I got? ‘We have a disabled pass and we are more important’.

Now I wasn’t debating that they were not important, of course they are and that’s why Tesco’s have given them their own dedicated spaces which there were many available. So if I would of parked in that last disabled space with my children and they had wanted to pull in that space do you think I would of got away with it? Of course I wouldn’t. So why should it be the same the other way around?

Those pig ignorant to see how important parent & baby spaces are need to understand some of the following scenarios..

A mother who has just recently had an c-section, yes they are not allowed to drive themselves for a few weeks but they could accompanied by partners. But even if they are driving, these spaces allow them to pull the trolley up alongside the car and to place the baby into it with out much lifting.

Those disabled with kids. Those kids who are disabled.

Twins. Think a single pram takes up room? Try a double with two carseats as Mummy’s Space pointed out.

New mothers full stop, ever tried getting a carseat out the car for the first time? Figuring that trolleys actually have breaks? Motherhood is scary enough let alone juggling those firsts such as that first solo food trip.

Keeping our kids away from other cars. Both from scratching other peoples cars and getting run over themselves by cars. That space gives us those safe spots to make them stand whilst we see to other children, put shopping in our cars and sort out trolleys. It increase safety for them giving them somewhere safe from traffic.


The disabled may have hidden disabilities but what about those hidden on the other side? That new mum with that scar across her tummy? I’m not trying to separate any groups but the fact this lady took it upon herself to class herself as more important has certainly implied this and there for has unleashed this rant from the inside of our car.

*Since drafting this post I asked this on Facebook to which I learnt that those with a blue badge pretty much get to park wherever. It’s common curtsey to leave that space for a parent, yes. However they’re entitled to and it’s not illegal. Simples really I however still stick by my original question and will continue to publish this post. My status has turned into a debate and one of interest. But with everything I read from disabled friends & parents I still believe we have these dedicated spaces for a reason and they shouldn’t be abused by anyone.