Missing You

double pram

The pram feels lighter as I close the door and proceed to drop your big brother off at school.

Oli looks lost as he goes to kiss you and your sister goodbye, but only your sister is there.

I feel as if I’m talking to myself as I moan about the rude people we see on the way home.

Someone almost walked into your side of the pram, and I may have shouted at them, but it was just an empty seat.

There were no hands sticking out to feel the texture of the bush.

I stood at the lights for a while wondering why the green man wasn’t appearing; you usually press the button.

Only one child to release from the pram and bring indoors.

Shutting the door and not having to put the chain across as you are sometimes keen to open the door.

No small face popping up as I grab the breadstick box.

A toy arrived for you to review, but it is still sat in its box waiting for you to play with it.

Not up & down to refill your drink cup constantly, by gosh you really do like your drinks.

Your leftover toast and having to give it to the dog instead of you finishing it.

No multitasking as I feed your sister and attempt to entertain you.

Charlotte is snoozing, and instead of playing with you I actually get to read my book during the day & drink hot tea.



I really did notice all these things this morning, but it’s OK. In just half hour I will be picking you up to take you to the park, we will go on your favourite play equipment and then come home and play with your new review toy while snacking on breadsticks.