Normal Service Will Resume.. I Think..

I didn’t quite realise how much time the Summer holidays would consume. To be honest, I did not quite realise how time-consuming children were, but then I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time. I have been SO quiet on the blog lately but thinking about it I don’t think I’ve blogged the way I use to back when I had 1/2 children. Throughout the pregnancy, I took over the blog with my weekly bump shots and pregnancy woes which I very much enjoyed doing. When Charlotte came along, I assumed that my feeding times would be spent writing blog posts like I did with Dylan but this time around I’ve not been able to do this when feeding. I’ve spent feeding times pretty much messing around on Twitter & Facebook. Night time feeds were sponsored by my kindle where I’ve gone through a library worth of books in the last six months.


See six months, gosh in those six months I’ve not blogged about the kids and thinking about it I have not even got round to writing Charlotte’s birth story which is very much something I would like on the blog asap ready to print out for her baby book. Blog wise I’m SO behind with everything, replying to emails, writing reviews, reading other blogs, replying to comments on what posts I have done. I’ve not even done my Trendy Toddler Thursday post for the last couple of weeks which has been the only thing I’ve been able to keep up with the last few months.

Have to admit I did lose my blogging mojo for a while, and they always say the best thing to fix that is to get out there, go live life to the max then come back and blog about it. I’ve found since Charlotte came along I’ve got out the house so much more than what I did with the boys in their first several months. We seem to be a different baby group/play date/party each day, and the children’s social life have taken over my diary. It’s not like I didn’t try blogging, I started posts but I just never finished them. So in my drafts sit many potential blog posts, so I’ve set myself the mission of finishing these off over the next couple of weeks.


I’ve taken volunteering up a few notch where I’m running our town’s sling library as well as chucking myself at various NCT functions such as helping out with the baby group, coming up with fund-raising ideas and planning for them. In the space of 12 hours, we came up with the idea of hosting our first Christmas fete and booking our local town hall. I do think I have taken on lots but it’s so nice not to be sat twiddling my thumbs with the only thing to do when the kids are in bed is the blog. I’m hoping to help our more with Pregnancy Sickness Support as supporting woman suffering from HG is another passion of mine.

Now that Oli has gone back to school, the young ones have discovered nap times, and Dylan starts nursery maybe my blogging mojo will return. Maybe I might again write blog posts worthy to be shared across social media. We had lots of fun in the summer holidays kick-started by our review trip to Butlins which needs to be posted so you can hear for yourselves how much of an amazing time we had down in Bognor. Daddy’s work hours have changed as well so he is around much more in the afternoons and evenings so here’s hoping I can escape for some me time in the afternoons with the laptop because of course, we all know my time was designed for blogging, not housework.