#DoonaMoments – The School Run

The school run is 10 minutes, though can vary depending on who’s walking and if we’re running late or not. I’m usually feeding right up until the moment we leave, this very occasion Charlotte had fallen asleep on the breast, and I was able to carry her over to her Doona which we’ve been sent to review. I was able to keep her asleep while carrying the car seat over the stair gate and out the front door where I simply popped out those wheels and away we went.

I know it sounds so simple because it is that simple. So far I’ve found Charlotte has found her Doona to be a rather comfortable place to fall asleep and we look forward to using it when we go on holiday. She never really grew to like carrycots, so we ended using the car seat on the pram for the first couple of months if only we had the Doona then. She would have loved it more than me!

#DoonaMoments - The School Run