Snapfish Photo Gifts For Father’s Day

I don’t know about you but Father’s Day is one of my favourite occasions. I love this reason for celebrating how special the man is in our lives. Of course, we never need a reason to celebrate this, and we’re often spoiling Daddy for no reason whatsoever other than the fact we simply love him. When Snapfish got in contact and asked us to make something rather lovely to gift to Daddy from the Father’s Day Photo Gifts range we thought we would instead treat Great Grandad to a gift.

Snapfish For Fathers Day

We have some photos which we’ve meant to print out for the Great Grandparents, but like everything else, it’s on that forever growing list of things to do. So I took this opportunity to put most of them into one collage in gift form to give to Great Grandad on Father’s Day. We picked one of the photo panels as I thought it would sit rather nicely next to his chair. I’m so pleased with the finished result and the fact it only cost £17.99 that I plan on doing one for each of the children for us to display.

Snapfish For Fathers Day

We’re so excited about gifting it to Great Grandad; it’s all wrapped up ready in case we need to send it in the post. One rather fantastic aspect about this certain gift frame is that there’s no glass meaning it’s safe enough to be sent via the post and hopefully get there in one piece.

Snapfish For Fathers Day

It goes without saying that this would make the perfect Father’s Day gift if Baker husband had a desk at work then I would make it my mission to line his desk with lots of various photo gifts of us and the children.

Place your orders by 10th June to receive them in time for Father’s Day!!