If You’re Not Going To Britmums Live

1010023_542557719113850_581136460_nSo I have seen a few tweets about people missing out on Britmums Live and being rather sad about it. I am sad as well, as it means that I do not get to see you but life happens and we have to sometimes miss out on attending places we would love to go. I had to miss Britmums Live back in 2012 as I had just given birth, so I have had to experience sitting at home while all my blogging friends were in London having lots of fun together. I had to sit there and watch all the #britmumslive tweets fill my timeline. I would be lying if I didn’t admit I was major jealous, but of course, I had something way better to fill my time in the form of this shiny new baby boy in my arms. I thought I would share with you what I said to someone else who expressed their sadness at not being able to attend.


Join in on Twitter! So you see the #britmumslive hashtag in your timeline or possibly even trending, use it to your advantage! Many bloggers will tweet throughout sessions, and they will be sharing what they are learning. God bless those who cannot leave Twitter alone even when most the people you tweet are sat right next to you.

Gutted about not getting to talk to the brands who are attending and sponsoring Britmums Live? Find out who is there and follow them on Twitter, explain to them that you could not make it but would still love to find out how you could work with them in the future.

Itching to attend one session in particular because you know it could be of use to you? Why not get a blogging friend to ask questions for you or make sure they blog all about that session once home so you can relive it through their words.

Start thinking about next years Britmums Live conference, tickets usually go on sale not long after and they go at a much cheaper early bird rate. Grab one now and then think about grabbing sponsorship later on to cover the cost.

Wanting sponsorship for your ticket, hotel and travel? Start looking for someone to sponsor you now. Look at the brands you have been working with, would they want to continue in a long-term relationship with you and your blog by sponsoring you to go next year? Offer them a year’s ad on your blog, the price of that could certainly cover all you need to get you there for the weekend.

Sad you are not seeing that blogger you have been longing to meet? Why not get a group of you together some other time? I know Britmums arrange many social media meetups around the UK.

Enjoy yourself! You are not having to melt on some long train ride or even fight that blogger (looks in Emmy’s Mummy direction) across the table for that bottle of white wine. While everyone is panicking about what to wear, you can feel smug about the fact you are sat there in your PJs.



And if you’re still able to make it but the nerves are getting the better of you? Lock those thoughts away for the weekend! There are still some tickets left, and you never know you may find someone who might have a spare bed/bath left in their hotel room which they are willing to give you for a drink or 2!