Butlins – Booking The Holiday

As Butlins Ambassadors we’ve got the chance to go away to Butlins and return with an honest review of our holiday experience with them. Now I’ll say upfront that we’re already huge Butlins fans and have been paying customers for the last four years. We first went when the eldest was 1, and we wanted to get away, but we were worried about a lack of entertainment for him. Browsing the Butlins website, it sounded like it was the perfect place for us, with children’s entertainers, characters, shows, swimming, beach on the doorstep & so much more. I can’t say it disappointed and we’ve returned every year ever since.


We’ve always experienced it with Toddlers, and I cannot recommend it enough if you own toddlers yourselves, especially now that they’ve introduced the Just For Tot’s breaks. This year will be new for us as we go with a school-age child and one who can take advantage of the children’s activities on offer. As well as experiencing going away in the school holidays for the first time it will be interesting to see how these things shape our holiday.

Booking our holiday couldn’t have been easier, we usually do it online, but as Butlins Ambassadors we had to do it via phone. I got through to a rather friendly voice; you know the type where you could easily spin off your day’s woes too. But it wasn’t him I needed to talk to but someone else, we booked our holiday exactly like online. Asked if wanted a travel cot, which usually we do and we pay the £10 hiring fee for but this time around we’re taking our seeing as we have an even bigger car now.

Our final bill came to £3,263.

Many people say for that amount you could go abroad, and I read this as a comment on a fellow Butlins Ambassador’s review post. For me, the thought of travelling anywhere longer than a few hours with small children is not my cup of tea right now, especially with one of them suffering rather bad travel sickness. That and I fear passports for all the kids will cost the same amount as our Butlins holiday. Prices vary according to what hotel you go in, accommodation you use and food packages if you choose one of those.  With the price of out holiday, you need to break down that price per person and see what you get for that amount.

Four nights & 5 days at Butlins Resort, Bogner Regis.

Stay in the Wave hotel, in Dolphin interconnecting rooms which contain one king, one twin and two bunks.

Daily housekeeping.

Splash Waterworld, Fairground, Live shows & Family activities.

Hotel premium dining, breakfast & dinner all sorted for you.

Circus tickets, we couldn’t pay to see the circus while there. Kids are going to love that.

And oh so much more. Keep an eye out for offers as well, booking early usually saves you some pennies.

So yeah we’ve paid in the past, we’ve picked them over travelling abroad, or other places in the UK for the reasons stated above but also for the fact we simply adore Butlins. Anyone who brings up the word ‘class’ can step away from my blog, we’re all about the fun over here, and that’s certainly what Butlins brings us!