Britmums Live 2014 – What I’m Taking/Wearing/Doing..

SO many posts are floating around for Britmums Live with introductions, what people are wearing, what they are packing and what sessions they are attending. I’ve not done any of those because thinking about those things make it rather real that I’ll be going to London this weekend. You can tell I’m someone that does things right at the last minute.

1044972_542558189113803_534293859_nGuess the most important thing or should I say person that I’m taking along will be Charlotte! Seeing as she’s just a few months old, 16 weeks on Friday to be exact and we’re Breastfeeding, everywhere I go she goes. So getting for my weekend at Britmums Live is twice as crazy because I need to pack twice as much. I won’t be hands-free considering I’ll be either pushing or carrying a baby all weekend; this means comfortable clothing will be needed. So basically I’ll be wearing my everyday clothes, everyday clothes with easy boob access. Everyday shoes as well, my TOMs are SO comfortable, so they are a top contender along with my sandals, actually looking back through photos, I wore my TOMs last year. Think I’ll nickname them ‘my conference shoes’. Clothes at the moment are most likely to be my BRIGHT pink Jane Norman trousers matched with my blue Joules top; I’m currently wearing them right now so wearing them depends on my washing plans the next couple of days. My Warehouse denim dress is one of my favourite wardrobe pieces at the moment as it allows easy boob access so that could be Saturday’s choice. Comfort is the key folks.

I’m not into fashion and all that follows it, though, I’m seeing lots of nail photos doing the rounds.. I don’t think I even own a nail file. Eek. I’m not a make-up person so that rules that out. Hair wise, I must remember to pack my hairbrush, but I’ll most likely be wearing dry shampoo come Saturday morning if Charlotte wakes before I get the chance to jump in the shower. See my whole weekend will be planned around the baby. My biggest issue the last week hasn’t been what will I wear but what pram I’ll be taking for her to be wheeled around in. I think we’ve finally decided on her Mama & Papas Urbo2 in Donna Wilson print. I won’t be insulted if you compliment the pram before the baby.

Oh boy, babbling through this and I’ve totally realised I need to dress her as well. Which would be ok but we’re in that horrible in-between stage where she’s too small for 3-6mths but too big for 0-3mths. While everyone is making last minute trips to the shops for new clothes for themselves, I think we’ll be taking Charlotte wardrobe shopping. My boobs will be wearing Snoobscarf; my pram will be wearing it’s rather beautiful changing bag Nova Harley Paris. You’ll find me chatting about my sponsor Diono who have kindly paid for Charlotte and me to attend the weekend (thank you yet again!)

methemanandbaby_on_Instagram_-_2014-06-17_23.27.48About me summed up in just one paragraph, well I’m Emma  *waves* aka Me, The Man & The Baby though I’ve popped out a couple more babies since originally coming up with that title. I’ll be pretty easy to spot seeing as you now know I’m going to with a baby and her pram. Hair colour is brown, eye colour blue.., etc., etc.. Not short but not tall, umm I’m shy. Yeah, you may not believe it, but I do get overwhelmed in large groups and start babbling rubbish so then I usually just hug. So yeah, I’m a hugger. This is my 5th blogging conference. I’m most looking forward to catching up with the oldie bloggers and meeting for the first time newbie bloggers I’ve been getting to know over the last year. See right for mine & Charlotte’s selfie, excuse the blur my selfie front camera is broke.

Suppose I better stop stalking the #britmumslive hashtag and drag my bottom to bed, I really should do some packing tomorrow. Need to find and dust off the wheeled holdall, pester the post man as I await my Moo business cards and think about what train I want to get on Friday and what time I’ll be returning on Sunday. Now I start to think about it all; it just seems too much I can just carry on not doing any of those things, right?

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  • Kelly Finn

    Brlliant, I’m so looking forward to meeting you both. I’m a hugger too, I’ll be painting my nails but I always do, not because it’s an occasion 🙂 clean comfy clothes for me too. Eeeek, how I’d it only a few days away!!?

    • WE MET! Whoop!! And yay to hugs! I think I ended up painting my nails clear which I always thought to be rather pointless! Ha! X

      • Kelly Finn

        Ha! Not at all! Makes them look really healthy. 🙂

        • The other day I got some sudocrem up my nails and I was amazed at how amazing they looked. I thought how I could just nip my nails in that everyday then I remembered that it was nappy cream and that these were crazy thoughts. *laughing*

  • Hopefully we’ll finally get to meet this time, I’ll be stalking that gorgeous pram and baby and coming for a hug 😀

    • YAY.. I saw you! Though only briefly! We totally need to have another catch up where we’re in less of a crazy environment! Love how you said gorgeous pram before baby! Ha!! 😉 xxx

      • Did I? Haha. the pram was probably more visible. Definitely yes to a catch up in a less crazy environment 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    I don’t own a nail file either, I won’t be painting my nails and as for hair I’ve managed to get it cut after about 4 years just so I won’t be sporting a wild Valkyrie woman of the north thing. (Much!) I did splurge on a Fair Isle top but everything else I’ll be wearing has come from the charity shop (kinda balances the cost out a bit!). 🙂 I’ll watch out for you and your pram! So say hello – this is my first blogging event ever and I’m a little bit nervous! Travelling a bit to get there too – I leave my house after school today to catch the ferry south!

    • I am loving all the charity shop love that seems to be going on! I’ve not really had chance to look in them for clothes for myself yet, always for the kids! Though I’m just terrible at shopping for myself fullstop! Did you have a good time? How was the journey? Did the nerves subside after a few wine samples? X

  • Shyyyy?? YOu are not shy! hahah See you there. Oh and I better put a wash on now, you’ve reminded me that the clothes I plan to wear are in the laundry! doh! x

    • I am SO totally shy! Ha.. That’s what happens when you wear white trousers! They’ll always need washing!! 😉 xx

  • Coombe Mill (Fiona)

    I’m all in charity shop gear and only half packed and leaving in the morning. EEK! Love your selfie! You will both look fab anything.

    • And didn’t you look fab!! Was lovely to meet you and put a face to a name!! 🙂 Just the mention of charity shops has me wanting to do a shop crawl! Darn it being Sunday tomorrow! X x