2 Little Cloth Bums

2014-06-09 11.40.32

And oh my what cute little cloth bums they are. We have decided to go down the cloth nappy route, and we’re having no regrets whatsoever. Back before Dylan was born we got the Close Parent pop in bundle set in our plans to use reusable full time with him. In our excitement, we tried them on Oli who at almost 3 was huge, and they did not quite sit right on him, we didn’t quite know what to do, and I think we so used to disposables that we just stuck with sposies until potty training. When Dylan was born, our reusable nappy plans kinda got chucked out the window, but we did use the odd one as we ran out of those sposies.

Close pop ins

Fast forward to today where we now have Charlotte meaning we now have two little ones in nappies, so we’ve decided to give the reusables another try. Our first nappy for Charlotte was a gPant from gNappies. We’ve been trying it out with it the disposable inserts, but we do plan on trying out the cloth inserts as we do like the way the gPants look on Charlotte.

Danielle over at It Started With A Squish has introduced me to Baba&Boo and while browsing the nappies I instantly just had to have the Mr Fox one for the kids. I decided when it arrived that it would be perfect for Dylan and oh how cute he looked in it. Watching his little bottom toddle around in it, I squealed at how adorable it was. Charlotte needs the Little Miss Rabbit for her collection. The luxury of not using disposables means getting to use something other than plain white ones which can get rather boring at times. Cloth makes nappy changes much more delightful, and when I throw in the fact we are saving money as well as the environment, I cannot help but to fist pump the air.


We are currently getting our heads around liners, boosters, washing, oh the washing. So far I have learnt that you do not put fabric conditioner in with them and that it is best to probably not use them when the kids are covered in nappy cream. Washing wise, I need to grab myself a bucket as I am currently using the waterproof bag which came with the close pops ins but it is not big/hygiene enough to store all our dirty nappies. We also need to get more nappies; I am so sad when I am having to use disposables as all the reusables are in the wash/waiting to dry.

We are not got ready to make the full leap yet with regards to long trips out the house or night-time, but I think we will see once we get our head around it all. Please do let me know if you have any advice or nappy recommendations for me.