Thank You For Making Me ‘Best Pregnancy Blog’ Finalist

Like WOW. You guys voted me for BEST PREGNANCY BLOG and I only went and became a finalist for BEST PREGNANCY BLOG in the MAD blog awards 2014!

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

I enjoyed blogging about my pregnancy and sharing my diary right here on my blog, recording a diary as such was the reason why I started my blog. I wanted to record those first days with my first baby Oliver, who knew 5 years on I would of blogged about 2 more pregnancies and babies. I’ve tried to be honest with my pregnancy posts, I’ve recorded everything from my thoughts to what’s going on to celebrating such things as finding out the gender.

The last pregnancy was mainly about Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Pre Natal Depression and Maternal Mental Health. Thankfully this time around, aside from the bout of HG at the start, I’ve managed to avoid all that. Though this time was all about fighting for my homebirth, which never happened in the end thanks to them wanting to induce me because I was carrying a small baby. One small baby who came out on her own accord at 38 weeks (they broke my waters) but was perfectly healthy. I will one day blog more about this, I’ll write our birth story. But I’m still getting my head around how I feel about all this. You can catch up with all my pregnancy posts here and for my weekly pregnancy update see here.

Though as much as I’m wanting that title, naturally. There’s someone who I think completely & utterly worthy of that ‘best pregnancy blog’ title WAY more then me. Someone who was my rock throughout my pregnancy, I dont think she really realises how much she actually meant to me during most of my time carrying Charlotte. Someone who became my pregnancy twin due to the fact we were only due a few days apart, that and the fact we were both carrying girls.

She would be there at the end of the internet listening to me waffle/moan/cry/rant/gossip until the cows come home. Even though we only ever met up once during our pregnancy, I felt closer to her then many of the friends I was actually seeing in the flesh. Where as I couldn’t say many things to these friends, you know those hideous pregnancy ailments that at times could be embarrassing, I could easily chat to her about them. She often ended up suffering the same, time after time that twin thing was in play as we shared so much.

I feel like we have this fantastic connection because of the fact we both blog, we get each other because of that. I’ve always said, it takes one blogger to understand another. Who else gets that whole virtual life thing then another tweeter/facebooker/blogger. We do have lots in common, I’ve learnt that over time and I take great satisfaction in knowing I have a fellow pram hoarder as we discuss ‘wheels’ together. We shared one special night that time we did see each other, sneaking out of a health spa in the middle of the night to hunt down chocolate. I still giggle at this memory today.

Danni aka It Started With A Squish, THANK YOU. Thank you for being my pregnancy twin.¬†Here’s to our next journey together, watching our girls grow together via the means of our blogs.

Best-pregnancy-blogSo I want you to head over to Danni’s blog and if you like her pregnancy related blog posts (how could you not) then I would urge you to head over to the MADs website and head on over to the voting form and where that drop down menu is for ‘best pregnancy blog’ please click on ‘It Started With A Squish’. Because she’s a winner in my eyes and having her friendship the last several months has been the best kind of prize that I could possibly ask for.

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