Greased Lightning – Showroom Shine Starter Kit

2014-04-09 15.47.46I have to laugh that my timing for receiving this item came at the same time as getting a new car, you see we got sent a Showroom Shine Starter Kit from Greased Lightning to review. I, of course, said yes back when we had one dirty car sat on the drive but then along came another baby and the sudden need to upgrade. It all happened in a flash really, so I found myself with one car which of course was already in showroom condition. So my kit went into the cupboard, as a pregnant woman with that nesting instinct, it was torture not being able to play with it.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later and what should happen? We get caught in some sand storm which got carried over from the Sahara desert. Our car was completely covered in dust rain. I might have secretly smiled as our immaculately clean car was no longer in that state and now desperately needed cleaning. Even though I was no longer pregnant and that nesting stage was long gone, I was still quite excited about trying out our showroom shine starter kit.

2014-04-09 15.47.50

Greased Lightning’s Showroom Shine Waterless Car Wax & Polish cleans, polishes and protects the paintwork. Yes all at the same time, saving time and money. Nothing is needed in setting it up ready to use, no hose, no machines and not even a bucket of water at the ready. You simply shake the bottle, open the nozzle and squirt away. No need to go ott with the squirting, a light mist covers the car ready enough to be used. Using one micro fibre cloth to rub that in and another to buffer it. So worth picking up the starter set which comes with microfibre cloths when first purchasing, they can be used 100s of times with the ability to be able just to pop them in the wash when needed.

Obviously, the product worked, it worked fantastically, and I could sit here and scream that you need to buy it right now. Forget the car wash and paying out for that showroom look, within minutes you can achieve that look yourself, anytime and anywhere. If your car is in need of this look or just a clean, then this is the simple solution. I’m probably one of the laziest people you could meet, who would happily take the shortcut of getting someone else to do the work for me. But then I’m one of the most frugal people you could meet, something like this will last you around 8-10 washes per bottle. One bottle being £14.99, car wash down the road from me is £6 and the nearest place which hand cleans charges around £15. Frugal wise, I know which option I prefer.

greased lightningshine

How’s that above photo for a fab example of how well it worked? That’s the same panel before, during and after. Don’t know about you but I think it looks rather impressive. So did the man, he genuinely thought I had sneaked it off to the pros to have it done. The finish was of course of showroom quality, and of course, I’m kicking myself for not taking more before and after photos, you’ll have to keep an eye out for me raving about it on Twitter next time it needs cleaning. I’m impressed with how it cleaned and polished at the same time, that and how it saves me pennies by doing both of these things and being something I can use again and again until it runs out.