Trendy Thursday

So we’ve decided that the one linky that we just can’t resist joining in with now is Medicated Follower Of Fashion’s Trendy Thursday. I think it will be a fab way now that we have completed our trio of children, to record all those first & favourite outfits. When I was pregnant, we invested in a years wardrobe for Charlotte which I just can’t wait to introduce her to and show off.

At the moment she’s still in tiny baby, but yesterday saw a special moment as I put her into a tiny baby outfit that both her brothers had previously worn as babies. They were in it for just what seemed like a couple of minutes but thanks to her dinky frame, she was rather swamped by it which is a reoccurring problem at the moment when it comes to finding outfits to fit her. This one is particularly special as it was one of the first baby outfits I bought back when I was pregnant with our first child, Oli. I remember exactly where I got it from, Mothercare & how much it was, £3.00. It has the Beatles lyrics displayed across the back of it.


I think my children look rather trendy in it and I know once Charlotte finally fits into it and outgrows it, that it will make up a rather special shadow box. Do you have any outfits that were past on from baby to baby?