Tree Fu Tom Ranger Utility Belt

We’ve been sent to review the ultimate must have toy for any Tree Fu Tom fan, the new Tree Fu Tom Ranger Utility Belt from Flair. Goes without saying that my very own Tree Fu Tom fan was ecstatic about the chance to review such a toy from one of his favourite shows. It’s found most days on Cbeebies, Oli has hit school age now, but thankfully Cbeebies still cater for the older children with shows like Tree Fu Tom.

My favourite aspect of the show is where it encourages the children to get up and move about by joining in with the actions. We’ll always find that he somehow ropes us into joining in with him, guess you can say the show encourages exercise for the whole family.

Tree Fu Tom Ranger Utility Belt

The set comes with an adjustable Sapston belt with a storage pouch, Scarf & woggle, Ranger cards, Ranger book, clip on telescope, clip on Ranger badges & a detachable compass.

Something the Tree Fu Tom Ranger Belt encourages is for the children to get outside and explore, something I feel is rather important these days with technology creeping up around our children everywhere. Oli has hit the age where hunting out bugs is one of his favourite activities, we forever hear shout the of ‘I’ve found a ladybird!’ And of course, with everything that’s included, it’s made bug hunting even more enjoyable.

His favourite accessory from the set is the microscope since it arrived he’s often found with face to the floor browsing all those bugs through his microscope. He’s used his Ranger book to draw all the creepy crawlies he’s been finding and then popping the drawings into his storage pouch, at least I hope he’s been popping the drawings in there and not the bugs. She says as she eyes the pouch in the corner of the living room on top of the toybox. Safe to the say the belt is a huge hit with him which you can clearly see for yourself in the photos.

Tree Fu Tom Belt

It is aimed at children aged 3+, Oli’s 4 turning five next month and our only issue with the belt is how it didn’t stay up around his waist. Even with it tightened up as far as it could be, we still had to find ways to tighten it ourselves. Though this just could be down to him being rather tall & skinny.

Would we spend £19.99 on it? Well yes, if it was something Oli requested as a Tree Fu Tom fan. I think the fact it comes with the scarf helps sway the cost for me. It’s been played with on a daily basis for the last week and has become his must have accessory when in the garden.