The Perfect Holiday In South Devon

Coast-Country-Cottages-logoWhen I saw this competition from Coast & Country Cottages I knew I just had to enter, they simply want to know about my ideal perfect holiday in South Devon. Now we adore this part of the country, and it’s actually where we spent our honeymoon with the boys back in 2012. We’ve always said when we go back; we’ll explore more of South Devon and seek out some new places to visit.

Now I think if I were to pick my perfect ‘South Devon’ location I would have to start with the lovely and secluded fishing village of Hope Cove. Simply from looking at pictures of the place, you could easily mistake it for the South of France, not South Devon.

The ideal place to stay would be somewhere close to the beach with a view of the sea. Being able to look out the window and see the sea would make a change from looking out our window and seeing neighbours houses. I would want room for all 5 of us and maybe even the dog so pet-friendly a must, though if we like the place and it wasn’t, the dog could always have a holiday of his own at the kennels. Pretty sure he wouldn’t complain as long as the walks were still happening and his food bowl was being filled.

Hope Cove

It would ideally be children friendly, meaning anything potentially dangerous was well out of reach and the children could easily potter around without causing damage to themselves or the place we were staying. A bonus would be having the kind of equipment that would make holidaying with young children easy and enjoyable for us. For example, having highchair at the ready and maybe even stair gates for us to use if the children are at the age where stairs are still a danger to them.

Being fully equipped would be a must, only so much we can fit in the car with all the kids and luggage so bringing the kitchen sink with us won’t be possible. Having a TV which we could watch once the children have gone to bed and kitchen equipment would be at the top of our ‘fully equipped’ list. Items such as toilet roll would be ideal; it’s something I always forget on self-catering holidays, but then I do think it makes a personal touch if that kind of thing is thought about before we arrived.

paignton Zoo

Entertainment and days out are a must for us as a family, having lots to do on the doorstep would be our main reason for picking somewhere to go on Holiday, and of course, with South Devon, we’re spoilt for choice. Every time we visit South Devon, Paignton Zoo is always somewhere we go, you can never get bored of animals, and with the children growing by the day and understanding so much more, it’s like we’re always visiting it for the first time.  We’ve not done the Dartmouth railway yet, so I guess I would have to add that to my ideal South Devon holiday, I know if the four-year-old could pick his ideal holiday, trains would be at the top of it.

We couldn’t visit of course without visiting Woodlands – the largest family theme park in the South West. Now that would be the ideal day out with something for the whole family under one roof. It has a zoo and farm, so lots more animals for my animal-mad children. Lots of rides to keep our eldest entertained, pretty sure Daddy won’t have any complaints about going on them with him. The best thing for me I guess would be the toddler zone, finding somewhere which is toddler-friendly is like finding a goldmine. So with two young ones, that would be where you’ll find me.


Of course, we would be hitting up the cheapest kind of day out, the beach! With sun, sea and sand, we would be in our element. The children can build sandcastles while we’re soaking up the sun, then follow that with a paddle in the sea. No beach visit would be complete without chips and ice creams, so it would have to be a beach close by to food outlets.

That’s my ideal South Devon holiday, what is yours?