The 2nd Week

Kickstarted our 2nd week with our first proper trip out of town; we decided to attempt shopping for the first time with the three children.  That was after we had picked out our new car. The man asked Oli that morning what car he wanted, he replied with Optimus Prime! Pretty sure if Daddy had that option, he would have gone down that road. We didn’t think we would be upgrading the car so soon; we thought our little Volkswagon Golf could hold three children and whatever pram we threw at it. Ha, who were we kidding? It was only when we were on our way home from the hospital with Charlotte that we realised the back middle seat didn’t have a seatbelt going across it, so Oli’s car seat had to be temporarily moved to front passenger seat with me squeezing my bottom in between Charlotte & Dylan’s car seats.

Kinda made sense when we hit the showroom and clapped our eyes upon a seven-seater, that that would be the car for us. After all, if we were to ever go away with the dog and all that luggage, that extra room will be needed. I chucked my (shoe money) deposit down and arranged to pick it up in a couple of days. We then hit the shopping centre where the kids all got kitted out with new clothes, so much for me treating myself to new clothes. We took the double side by side pram with us, seeing as we would be doing too much walking for Dylan’s little legs. I realised it wasn’t very newborn friendly which disappointed my inner pram Goddess. Seems when they say it’s suitable from newborn, it’s probably done best with the add-on of a carrycot or using the car seat. Considering I dont know how long Dylan will be needed that extra help for, I’m fretting about spending extra money towards that kind of things.

Oli continued to spend the day coming out with some classic lines after I had explained breastfeeding to him, he now thinks I’m a cow in my spare time! Guess it’s more interesting to him now as he was much younger back when I was breastfeeding his brother. Though any spare time seems to spent doing housework and continuing doing up the house and decorating the kid’s rooms. I dont get how I seem to be doing more now then what I did with two children?!

week 2 day 1

Of course, the rest of the weekend was spent clearing out our car ready for the new one. I think I counted enough room for around 6 Prams, not as we could use six at the same time but it was a comforting thought.

week 2 2

Monday was our first school run, chucked the kids in the double again. I think it was the afternoon school run that I joined the husband on, while he’s on his paternity leave he was going to get up first thing to do the school run. It was nice to start the school run routine again seeing as Oli spent all of last week off because if his perforated eardrum. Once we dropped him off, we went and fetched our new car. We’ve not got decided what name we’ll christen her with yet, but she is a welcome addition to the family.

The next day saw our last ever Midwife visit. I think there’s so much I want to say about it that I’ll elaborate more in another blog post. The great news is that Charlotte now weighs 5lb 8oz so almost back up to birth weight. Yay. This meant we could be discharged from Midwife now! I cried, and we waved her off with some chocolates and a thank you card.

week 2 4

This week was the week for visitors for Charlotte with our friend Kerren coming to her for cuddles. She also got cuddles from Alice from The Little Green Sheep; we do promise to bring her into the headquarters for more cuddles soon!

I did the school run solo with Charlotte during the middle of the week when Dylan wasn’t very well; he stayed home with Daddy for cuddles while we left the house for the first time together. Safe to say I dont think she’s a fan of her carrycot much, that or the school run, I’m yet to figure out which one she’s not liking. Though being mistaken twice for a boy in the playground could have done it, though it probably didn’t help that she was in her brother’s old blue pramsuit.

week 2 5

We had our first Health Visitor appointment this week *waves banners of joyous fun* we didn’t get one who we were familiar with but a new one. Even though I knew she was coming at 10 am that morning, it still didn’t soften the blow to rolling straight out of bed when I heard her knocking at the door. Hubs had made me a cup of tea, and some bagels didn’t get a chance to consume any of this. Of course, Charlotte woke up when it came to trying to do her ear test, something which apparently couldn’t be done because her ears were too small. Don’t think my poor child is ever going to get a break from being called small. So pointless visit unless you count the endless paperwork which was filled in and never-ending questions. Appointment over, I felt deflated and exhausted.

Which was pretty much the theme for that day, I was slowly sinking more into this state of overwhelming sadness. One thing which I knew would help shift this mood, smiles on the children’s faces. So I thought I would surprise them with an after-school trip to soft play. If only that worked, I left feeling sadder and overwhelmed with emotions. We only went and lost Charlotte’s very first blanket on the journey between school and soft play. So upset about this that I’ve even considered putting up ‘missing blanket’ posters. But as the husband reminded me, it is just a material object at the end of the day.

We got our the photos back from that bump photoshoot I had at 37 weeks with Studio 3 Photography. Was so pleased with some of the photos, I’m glad that I decided to capture my last pregnancy in such a way. I’ll share some of the images with you over the next few weeks but here’s one of my favourites.


This weeks baby stats…

Milestones – First bath and would first shopping trip count?

Weight – 5lb 8oz

Nappy Size – 0. She can stay that way for a while; size 0 nappies are much cheaper.

Clothes Size – Tiny Baby.

Favourite Outfits – Guess it has to be the one that both her brothers wore previously, such a special moment seeing her in it. Though it was lovely to see her wearing a beautiful tiny baby outfit which some friends bought her, it came with a matching pink jacket. She looked lovely in it.

Baby Equipment – Fisher Price Bouncer & Fisher Price Baby Bath

Carseat – BeSafe Izi Go.

Prams Used – M&P ‘Donna Wilson’ Urbo2 & Britax B-Agile Twin Stroller.

Changing Bag Maia Baby from Momymoo.