The 1st Week

Friday saw the birth of Charlotte Grace Harris, full details will be spilled out in time over various birth story posts. The next day we came home, we eventually got back about 6pm. By the we had picked up the boys from their friends houses it was dark and was time for bed. It was the strangest sensation bringing home a new baby but still picking up where we left off, boys were put to bed. Oli wasn’t very well, it was heartbreaking to see and all he wanted was his bed.

Newborn baby anyone? The first night threw all of us. Charlotte slept so well the night before in hospital after she was born, we assumed this night would be the same. We were wrong, we somehow broke the sleep setting on my way home from hospital. We got through it though and we fell into the same routine that we did after Dylan, the man would do nappy changes, winding & general settling whilst I would do the feeds.

Not only did we have a baby waking up but we also had Oli who wasn’t that well, he came in and tore me apart emotionally. Trying to be with two children that wanted and needed me was heart-wrenching. The moment I finished feeding Charlotte, I took over from daddy who was comforting him and went and snuggled him in his bed until he dropped off.

week 1 1

When the day finally came, it was spent relaxing, after all, it was a Sunday. Oli, bless him spent the day in bed. We had our first visitor in the form of my Midwife, was lovely to see her and talk about the birth. Paperwork was filled in and our appointment booked for in the week, where Charlotte will be weighed.

week 1 2

The start of the week came about; I woke with it sinking in knowing that I was now the mother of 3 children. With them, the dog, the house & the man to look after I think that I should just dye my hair grey now. The first test of that was our first unplanned trip out the house first thing that morning.

Oli came into our bedroom, morning cuddles saw me looking at his ear where I noticed dry blood around it. Upon investigating his pillow it confirmed his ear had been bleeding. Our instant reaction was to take him to the local A&E. It only dawned on us the day before that our car wasn’t suitable for 3 children in the back because of the seat belts. This meant Oli was now bumped to front passenger sear and I was left trying to squeeze bottom in between Dylan & Charlotte’s car seats.

Hospital told us they only had nurses there (I know, how great is our A&E huh!) and that we should go to our local doctors. Thankfully calling them, I got an appointment which meant by the time we had all got back in the car and driven there, it would be time to see them. Doctor confirmed a perforated eardrum and sent us away with antibiotics. Whilst we were in the waiting room, we saw our midwife who I called over to ask if she thought Charlotte was jaundiced, something I’ve been slightly paranoid about. She grabbed her jaundice meter and did a reading to which was all ok. I’m thinking it’s probably the different lights which has me seeing her skin in a different colour.

week 1 3

Oli seemed better on Tuesday, still off school because we noticed more blood on his pillow and he was on the antibiotics. We got to introduce him to his sister today which was a lovely moment. He’s loved his sister since the moment we told him we were expecting her; it was nice to see this love in action.

Observations about Charlotte was that she’s more of a sicky baby then what Dylan was, she certainly follows her brothers with some nasty guts & that she has the most gorgeous blue eyes. She got to experience her first proper clothes wearing experience with a tiny baby Disney tshirt we found in Tesco’s. She’s pretty much living in Tesco tiny baby wear at the moment as that’s all that fits. I already had some white tiny baby gros that I bought by mistake for one of the boys, we added to these with some pink ones so that she could wear some colour, plus it was nice to see her in pink.

My milk came in, could really feel it and my gosh didn’t the engorged boobs come about. We had our Midwife visit, and the first weigh in since her birth weight.

*drum roll*

Charlotte has only lost 4% of her birth weight. She was now weighing 5lb 4oz. Nothing to be alarmed about and seeing as all was well with everything, we waved her off with an appointment booked in for a couple of days later.

She celebrated that evening by having cuddles with our neighbours & dancing the night away with their daughter and her first girly friend, Amelie.

Lottie & Amelie

Wednesday 5th March contained some firsts for us, our first time juggling 3 to the supermarket & then Charlotte’s first ride in the pushchair when we took the dog for a walk! Obviously being a pramaholic, it was a special moment for me and her first pram and we picked our Mama & Papas special edition Donna Wilson Urbo2 for her first ride. Been looking forward to using the carrycot for it, ever since it arrived back in December.

Come evening the boobs we just so engorged that I had to take my Medela breastpump to them, just to take some relief from them but didn’t want to get to carried away to encourage my milk. It made the difference and came the next day; I wasn’t quite so ‘in your face’.

week 1 4

We attempted operation school run on the Thursday, thinking Oli was well enough to go back. We were wrong; we were almost at the school gate before he fell over again for the 3rd time in 5 minutes. His balance was all over the place, and it just wasn’t a good idea to send him in. So we turned back round and headed home, with both the young ones in separate prams. I got Oli to hold on to the pram as he was stumbling.

Registering Charlotte was the day’s plan so Oli came along to that with us, our first time going into our local town with all 3. Our registry office is in our library so we combined it with a chance to take back some library books. We left with our daughter being officially registered as Charlotte Grace Harris.

Went and saw the Midwife at the local children’s centre in the afternoon for Charlotte’s  heel prick test. I let Daddy have the kind task of holding her while that happened, her poor heel was still bruised from the hospital. Interesting conversation was had as we entered the children’s center…

Me – Hi, I’m here to see the Midwife.
Children’s Center – Are you a member?
Me – No
CC – Well you have to fill out this form..
Me – Do I have to?
CC – Yes

Of course, confirming with my midwife during the appointment that this wasn’t true. They wanted me to fill in this form after our appointment, but I didn’t. Seriously why is everyone so desperate to get your details/sign you up to rubbish these days?! Grrhh!

week 1 day 5

When Friday came about, I just couldn’t believe that she was 1 week old. It all went by in a blur, one mainly sponsored by broken sleep. Has it sunk in yet that she’s here? Nope, it just doesn’t seem real that last week I was pregnant and here I am this week with her actually in my arms.

week 1 6


This weeks baby stats…

Milestones – Cord fell off on day 6

Weight – 5lb 4oz

Nappy Size – 0. Experienced Aldi, Tesco & Pampers nappies since birth. We liked the Aldi nappies, we took a trial pack to the hospital with us. We grabbed the Tesco ones because they were almost £1 cheaper the pampers but then we lacked the quality of the pampers of the nappies & these don’t look as comfortable. Also missing the line indicator which the pampers nappies had which tell you if baby has wet the nappy or not.

Clothes Size – Tiny Baby. All these clothes we had bought her and not a single one fit yet.

Favourite Outfits – See above, but if we had to pick one then, of course, it would be the first outfit we put her in.

Baby Equipment – Fisher Price Bouncer, something which had been used with both her brothers.

Carseat – BeSafe Izi Go, won this in a competition from Pram Trader back before I was pregnant. The fact the straps stuck to the side with magnets were one of the many reasons we decided to use it from day 1.

Prams Used – M&P ‘Donna Wilson’ Urbo2. *swoon*

Changing Bag Maia Baby from Momymoo, Absolutely love how this bag just clips straight on to all the pushchairs.