Labour In Tweets

Well at least we showed them that we meant business by bringing in the carseat with us. It was pointed out that this was presumptuous of us.


Pretty sure I meant several dollops. I blame my over excitement of finding curry and chips as my last pregnancy meal. I like to go out in style.


Signal was horrific around the hospital. I may start a campaign that wifi be fitted.

So your to press the button whenever baby moves, basically she didn’t stop moving and my finger never came off that button.

Comfort eating, right until the end.

Interruption? Was that what I really meant? Guess it makes sense though, I didn’t want anything more then a helping hand with breaking my waters.

And you’re telling me that you wouldn’t of took advantage of that photo opp?

Clue. I’m trying to bring on labour.

You know what made this labour bearable? This. The fact it was a quiet Friday evening and we had the hospital to ourselves to walk around. It was peaceful, I needed this for that essential oxytocin.

I may of taken him up on this kind offer if labour didn’t come around anytime soon.

Bless him, I didn’t know he had sent any tweets. Have to say this may be the best thing tweet he’s ever said about me.

Oh if only he could of done the pushing for me.

Says it all really..